Because waffle is hydrophilic and whipped cream contains water. This phenomenon is avoided when the waffle is placed on a water-free base.

The reason is all the water in the lower support on which the vase is placed. To prevent this, cold gel is applied to the back of the vase and then the vase is placed on the support.

Because the hot one destroys the drawing.

It depends on the cost and the desired quality. The most common is waffle. The best quality is made of thin fondant. A lower quality than thin fondant is sugar paste. The advantage over the wafer backing is that there is no need to apply cold gel to the back or face.

Because it separates the contact surface between the whipped cream layer and the wafer, preventing water from entering the wafer and migrating the colours of the design, and the surface of the wafer is brightened and glossy.

It is not recommended because the ink application technology on the edible substrate is different.

Generally sugar paste is softened by kneading. Depending on the intended use, coating or figure formation, the addition of up to 5% CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) results in the hardening of the sugar paste.

trandafiri martipan decoruri tort romania-constanta 5 petale roz

Tricks & Tips

  • When adding CMC to sugar paste, a maximum of 5% is recommended. By adding a pinch of CMC (about 3gr) per 1 kg of sugar paste it becomes ideal for 3D decorations.
  • When you want to glue sugar paste pieces quickly, put cold melted sugar in water. The sugar helps the parts to stick quickly as the sugar paste is also made of sugar.
  • When fast soldering chocolate pieces it uses cold air for rapid solidification of the pieces in contact. There are those cold air sprays.
  • When tempering chocolate you can add 2% cocoa butter to the melt to help the cocoa crystals crystallize faster.
  • If you have a positive you want to make food, make a mold out of food grade silicone. You save a lot of time in making it.
  • When your food support printer does not output colours properly, apply the nozzle check - nozzle clean protocol and follow the evolution by missing or appearing colour segments by checking the nozzle.
  • When using edible transfer medium on chocolate, put the text in the mirror to make your chocolate transfer look normal.

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