For 20 years we have been presenting you with the most beautiful, high quality and modern edible and non-edible decorations for cakes and cakes.

Remember your own wedding cake, christening cake, anniversary cake or a cake for another occasion!

Remember the groomsmen ornament, the christening decor, the printed waffle cake story and plastic toy set, the sugar or waffle flowers, the silver barot and spheres that adorned the cake, all, only from KUKY's!


We want to offer you the latest products in the field, the best materials and support tools as they appear on the world market.Our customers fully deserve this effort.

For a good coverage of geographical areas with products, as well as for a closer relationship with our customers, we rely on our own sales force but also on a network of area distributors, through which we want to come as quickly and correctly to meet the requirements of each existing or potential customer of the company.

The increase in the number of products, the number of customers and the improvement of the business concept lead us to periodically publish printed materials: the general catalogue (once every two years), the product presentation display (together with the catalogue), the Christmas or Easter specific products' diaries.

A major component of the relationship with our customers is the online support we offer, through which our customers are kept up to date with new or available products, special offers (special prices, work discounts, trade packages, etc.). The logistical support is based on delivery to the customer's premises via express courier, within 48 hours any order being honoured within the limit of available stock.


We want to offer you a much richer technical and informational support, to offer you quality products, with a great look and on commercial terms that allow the development of our relationship. We want more interaction with our customers, but also with the consumers of our delicious confectionery products.


If more than 16 years ago we only sold plastic cake kits for decorating cakes and cupcakes, over the years we have introduced other decorations, decorating techniques and laboratory accessories to our product range and opened the interest of confectioners.

We can proudly say that we have contributed to the formation and development of this market, to informing customers about the value they add to a confectionery product and the use of decorations sold by our company.

We currently have a diversified range of products, and besides the cake-kits mentioned above, you can benefit from printed wafers, various candles, wedding ornaments and cake stands, various christening ornaments, flowers made of wafers, sugar or pastillage, various sugar and chocolate decorations, chocolate transfer foils, silver barot and spheres, various lace and decoration strips, laboratory accessories and raw materials.

As an interesting element, we are the first company in Romania to develop the concept and technique of photography on edible media, so our company's offer includes Kuky's Freedom printers, which from model to model have become more powerful, with more facilities and closer to the user. To complete the range, we sell edible ink, cartridges with edible ink, as well as edible printing media, wafer sheet.


In order to protect our customers, as well as to improve our relationship with them, our company markets our products under our own trademark, which you know well, Kuky's.

Careful choice and selection of suppliers has enabled us to market and package high quality products at competitive prices.

I convinced you! The squirrel you see on the packaging of our products represents our desire to offer you the most beautiful decorations and the best products.

We are also at your disposal with technical information about our products.


We hope that the above lines have given you an idea of what the Kuky's concept and our team stands for, the novelty and quality of Kuky's edible and non-edible decorations, the support we provide to our customers as well as our care for the most beautifully decorated bakery and pastry products.

Thank you and we invite you to visit our online shop!


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