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who owned the land first israel or palestine

The prophecies do not differ, however, from the original covenant. 6. 9. That doubt and dispute has been the ultimate reason for wars over that land since then. The Jews immigrated, conquered, and stole that land fair and square. There is very substantial ethnic, to say nothing of religious, difference between the so called Pallies, who really are Egyptian Arabs, and the Jews. It meant the Jews living there if it meant anyone. Does not the land then also belong to them? . He said, “…for salvation is of the Jews.”. miles in area. . 3. There are essentially no important difference between Palestinians and Jews. Other farming villages followed in rapid succession. Secondly, the 630M is the estimate of the total number of Arabs then living in 1948 in what became Israel, not the number who fled, much less the number who stayed away and never came back. Known as Crown or State Lands, this was mostly uninhabited arid or semi-arid territory, inherited originally by the Mandatory Government from Turkey. Do the Jews? . 8.6 percent of the land was owned by Jews and 3.3 per cent by Israeli Arabs, while 16.9 per cent had been abandoned by Arab owners who imprudently heeded the call from neighbouring countries to “get out of the way” while the invading Arab armies made short shrift of … It might become one of the most fertile.”. Melbourne, Victoria: Executive Council of Australian Jewry, 1972. 8.6 percent of the land was owned by Jews and 3.3 per cent by Israeli Arabs, while 16.9 per cent had been abandoned by Arab owners who imprudently heeded the call from neighbouring countries to “get out of the way” while the invading Arab armies made short shrift of Israel. The Palestinian peasant was indeed being dispossessed, but by his fellow-Arabs: the local sheikh and village elders, the Government tax-collector, the merchants and money-lenders; and, when he was a tenant-farmer (as was usually the case), by the absentee-owner. The restoration of Israel is one of the most controversial political issues of the century. . Large areas of their lands were uncultivated and covered with weeds. Jewish Land Purchases, 1880–1935 (in Dunams1). . 7. Now the whole of it is in the hands of the Bedouin, who eschew all agriculture, except in a few spots cultivated here and there by their slaves; and with the Bedouin come lawlessness and the uprooting of all Turkish authority. Do they not also have a claim to the land? 19. 6. Isaac was the son of promise not Ishmael. . Revision is: 3 and the full URL is Who Owns the Land of Israel? When we consider these three covenants together, the line of descent through which the land is promised is evident. These were compiled by a Christian university professor..... Takes just 1.5 minutes to read!!! They argued that an "Arab presence" would only get in the way of the planned devastation. You didn't give the source for this list. no orange groves, orchards or vineyards were to be seen until one reached Yabna village. No wonder the Jews have ill feelings toward historic Christianity. The rate of infant mortality was very high. . It is important to note that the first enduring Jewish agricultural settlement in modern Palestine was founded not by European refugees, but by a group of old-time families, leaving the overcrowded Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. Perhaps 15% lived in what is now Israel in 1850. The claim is often made that in 1948 a Jewish minority owning only 5 per cent of the land of Palestine made itself master of the Arab majority, which owned 95 per cent of the land. . – Prophecy in the News,, Of the People, for the People – Highlights of the Communist Party, USA, Why Belief in Aliens Distracts People From the True and Living God. Thus it is obvious that the contention that 95 per cent of the land—whether of Mandatory Palestine or of the State of Israel—had belonged to Arabs has absolutely no foundation in fact. . Second, he sought to establish the sacred and unchanging nature of God’s commitment to Abraham and his descendants. God has promised the land to Jacob and his descendants-namely the 12 tribes of Israel. In 1878 they founded the village of Petah Tikva in the Sharon Plain—a village that was to become known as the “Mother of Jewish Settlements” in Palestine. It is time for us to denounce such anti-Semitism and to take our stand on the side of Israel in fulfillment of the central theme of biblical prophecy – the establishment of God’s kingdom on planet earth. . Therefore, the land promised by God to Abraham falls to the descendents of Isaac. . Arab Population Changes Due to Jewish Settlement. 16. . Is the land theirs, because they have been able to defend it? . Palistine is the modern pronunciation of Philistine, whose murder and displacement by the Jews we celebrate as the intent of God. The yields were very poor. Here, God emphatically calls the land of Israel His land. . Arab and Jewish refugees: Arabs were not driven out of their homes. If a minority of our people live there, it must belong to us -- they must be protected against your oppression. How can one be more emphatic than that? posters and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Free Republic or its First, he left no doubt as to the line of descent through which the promise of the land is given. He gave it to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, and to his descendants – the people of Israel. Historic Christianity has believed that the Jewish people were responsible for the crucifixion of Christ and were thus guilty of the most terrible crime of all – the murder of God, Himself. When considering Jewish land purchases and settlements, four factors should be borne in mind: The following figures show land purchases by the three leading Jewish land-buying organizations and by individual Jews between 1880 and 1935. As a people of the book, who claim to believe the Bible, we have no choice. It is a strategic location for political, as well as spiritual, control of the planet. The immigrated and stomped the hell out of the people then living in what was eventually known as Palistine. Under Israeli rule, all Muslim and Christian sites have been preserved and made accessible to people of all faiths. On the basis of this theology, many Christians felt that the way to show their loyalty to Christ was to express their hatred toward His murderers – that is, the Jewish people. The U.N. record on Israel and the Arabs of the 175 Security Council resolutions passed before 1990, 97 were directed against Israel -- notwithstanding the fact that the Arabs refused to participate in the 15 nation United Nations Commission of Palestine which recommended partition in 1948 and sought immediately to undo its work by force of arms. However, this was never done, and in 1934 the concession was sold to a Jewish concern, the Palestine Land Development Company, at a huge profit. . The only political ally on the side of Israel is the United States – and many in Washington are wavering. From the above table it will be seen that the proportion of the land purchased from large (usually absentee) owners ranged from about 50 to 90 per cent. In view of these covenants made by the God of heaven with the people of Israel, we must declare a verdict in favor of the Israeli nation. Some idea of this phenomenon may be gained from the following official figures: Changes in towns: The Arab population in predominantly Arab towns rose only slightly (if at all) between the two World Wars: in Hebron—from 16,650 in 1922 to 22,800 in 1943; Nablus—from 15,931 to 23,300; Jenin—from 2,737 to 3,900; Bethlehem—from 6,658 to 8,800. 3. If not, then Israel has a right to defend herself using whatever means posible. Thus, in the course of only three years £4,202,180 (more than 20 million dollars at the prevailing rate of exchange) was paid out to Arab landowners (Palestine Royal Commission Report, 1937). Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 hundred times in Bible. In fact, when the Messiah comes, He will judge the nations upon one basic criteria – how they treated God’s Chosen People, the Jews. The controversy was settled, however, in Genesis 26: 3-4. When God promised to bring Israel back to the land at the close of the age, He still called it “your own land.” In God’s sight, the ownership of the land has never changed and never will. There was little public security, and the fellahin’s lot was an alternation of pillage and blackmail by their neighbours, the Bedouin. Please note, the writer of this Psalm emphasized two important points. But that, too, is in the plan of God. 2. A few years ago, the whole Ghor was in the hands of the fellahin, and much of it cultivated for corn. They regret ever giving them any territory in the Middle East. “And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the Lord thy God.”. Unfortunately, historic Christianity has never recognized its debt to Israel. Another Arab claim disproved by the facts is that Zionist “colonialism” led to the disruption and ruin of the Arab Palestinian society and economy. If all these measure are unsuccessful, the Christian princes should have the duty of driving the Jews from their lands as they would rabid dogs.”. Arab refugees began identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. There is only one Jewish nation. We stand without reservation on the side of Israel. a triangular strip of land some 44 sq. . Turning back the clock to the two and a half decades leading up to the establishment of the Israeli nation, the land of Palestine was under the control of the British.

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