what type of leader is snowball in animal farm

Sharon Turnbull and Gareth Edwards. London: Penguin Group, 2008. The latter applies when a leader does not give any directions if the current ways of doing a job still apply or are still effective. To empower or not to empower your sales forceAn empirical examination of the influence of leadership empowerment behaviour on customer satisfaction and performance. Leading leadership development in universities: A personal story.

Bass and Riggo (2006) in their book “Transformation Leadership” refers to this as “idealized influence” (Bass and Riggio, 2006). Snowball was a visionary and more in line of transformation. None of the other animals realize the situation or dares to stand up for their beliefs and dreams, even though they are miserable on the farm.

Understanding the leadership concept helps an individual to adopt and apply the relevant leadership style and behaviour in the organisational change. It is he who revolutionizes the people and the organization. No one in the farm knows what he is up to. Organizational learning and transformational leadership in the library environment .Library Management. Bass Bernard M and Riggio Ronald E. (2006), Transformational Leadership, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc. Bass Bernard M with Ruth Bass (2008), The Bass Handbook of Leadership, Free Press. Don’t miss a chance to chat with experts. Animal Farm. Caldwell.C., and Dixon. He was corrupt and with false pretenses he forced his decisions on the group. (1978). Dulewicz. Snowball and Napoleon were good leaders depending on the situation, Snowball had always taught of developing the animals and production in the farm. and Houghton, J.D. Houghton, J.D. However, most of the time Snowball was able to win over the support of the animals with his charismatic personality and play with words.

Neck, C.P. …

Two of the pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, emerge as leaders to carry out the dream of unity. Directive leadership are associated with the behaviour that is mainly task oriented such as issuing instructions and assigning goals (Pearce et al., 2003; Houghton and Yoho, 2005, Koen and Maaike, 2011). They were led to believe that everything that was happening was for their own good and made to do double work with lesser pay. He tries methods to improve the way the animals lived by starting various clubs and trying to teach the animals to read and write. International Journal of Project Management. Their lack of ability to adapt or change is a big hurdle in achieving greatness for the organization they work for. The plans that Snowball and Napoleon arrange for the improvement of the farm are very different, and they show that Snowball is a better leader than Napoleon. Beerel (2009) is right in stating that transformational leader intellectually stimulates the people in the organization by questioning the status quo and by looking at problems from different angles to come up with different solutions that the obvious (Beerel, 2009). He was full of new ideas to improve the way of life in the farm.

At first, the hardworking Snowball, attempts to transform the animals’ visions of freedom into reality, but eventually Napoleon eliminates him and becomes the cruel leader of the farm. The hens are forced to produce several eggs which are then given to humans, and the animals produce the barley for the sole enjoyment of the pigs. 95 p.221-235. Manz, C.C.

Extraordinary leaders in education: Understanding transformational leadership. If the mistakes are made he leads to take action against the animals by punishing them or giving rewards against the success. It has been argued that the behaviour of directive, transactional and transformational leadership had developed into unrelated in empowered in the organisation. Snowball on the other hand was a charmer and was able to capture the attention of the crowd with his words. All rights reserved.

Transactional leadership leads to a calculative compliance of the follower and includes behaviours such as the use of personal or material rewards. C.A., Murphy. (2001). (1996). This is where a transformational leader comes in. Transformational leadership, transactional leadership, locus of control, and support for innovation: key predictors of consolidated-business-unit performance.

78(6) p. 891-902. 17 p.112-121.

They are: Positive Influence – Transformational leaders are positive influences on the group they are leading. Orwell George (1945), Animal Farm – A Fairy Story, Penguin Books. (1990). Journal of Leadership Studies, 8(3) p.79-94. (1988). 21(4) p.270-95. (1998), Transformational Leadership: Industry, Military and Educational Impact. and Shamir, B. and Yoho, S.K. Kirkby, P.C.

It is also stated in the novel that: “At the Meetings Snowball often won over the majority by his brilliant speeches…” (Orwell 31). The reality is that Napoleon is simply selfish and extremely power hungry. and Kanungo, R.N. He clearly portrayed an autocratic and narcissist style of leadership. Even Napoleon showed the same leadership style later when he became the leader in chapter 6 (Orwell’s, 1945) he became the fully directive leader. This is demonstrated when Snowball “is closeted there [in his study shed] for hours at a time” (Orwell 33). Answered by Aslan on 28/5/2012 4:09 PM Sure I think things would be different. He still leads a winning team. Napoleon is seen as the quite one who spoke rarely and only when absolutely required. Project Management Journal. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.

27(4/5) p.289-299. But the theory of transformational leadership and organizational effectiveness establish its preliminary appearance in the fundamental work of (Burns, 1978).

on, Snowball and Napoleon In George Orwell`s Animal Farm. He is an intelligent and animated pig . Let Professional Writer Help You, 6000 Fairview Road, SouthPark Towers, Suite 1200, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA. Thomas, K.W. can use them for free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments. The theories between the four styles of leaderships are different which can be understandable. The effectiveness of managerial leadership development programs: A meta analysis of studies from 1982 to 2001. (2006). Rosette. That is exactly what Snowball did. Napoleon’s autocratic style of leadership, with lies and tales leading the show, leaves the animals confused. The political satire gives insight into two types of leadership – the democratic Snowball and the narcissist Napoleon. Total Quality Management, 12(7/8) p.1025-1030. (1999), The Essence of Leadership – The Four Keys to Leading Successfully, Lexington Books. It is clear that Snowball would have been a more effective leader than Napoleon because of their personalities, the way they treated the other animals on the farm, and the difference in their plans for the animal community. Martin Secker and Warburg. According to Burns a transformational leader is one who is able to raise the entire group, including himself, into higher levels of morality, motivation and motives (Gill, 2006). Collaboration in International Joint Ventures, Reflective Essay on Business and Entrepreneurship, New Balance Athletic Shoe Company: Analysis, CustomWritings – Professional Academic Writing Service, Tips on How to Order Essay. Snowball came out with good ideas but always presented it to the group for vote. Institute of personal Management. Transformational leadership are found in both Snowball and Napoleon, in the chapter 2(Orwell’s, 1945); Snowball had taken the initiative and controlled the farm by taking the charge of leadership with respect to the consideration of all the animals in the farm with creating the seven commandments, Snowball had become the inspirational animal hero, to all animals in chapter 5(Orwell’s, 1945) by winning the battle of cowsheds, had the intellectual stimulation in chapter 5(Orwell’s, 1945) where he proposed an idea of generating the wind mill which will help the farm as well as reduce the job of the animals, as an individual consideration Snowball had always engaged himself with orchestrating Animal Committees and education for the betterment of the animals. 2003, had provide an historical study which distinguish four main leadership styles each focussing on a particular set of behaviours: directive, transactional, transformational and empowering leadership. Clegg et al (2002) says that this is not the case always. 35(1) p.49-61.

16(5) p.224-256. They were both leaders of the revolution that happened at the farm in the beginning of the story. Yet another example is Proctor & Gamble’s CEO, A. G. Lafley. He becomes their role model and they follow him in making the organization great. By encouraging the people to grow professionally as well as emotionally and intellectually, Rizley was able to convert the $700 million company into $1.3 billion in a little over two years since taking over (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2010). In George Orwell's Animal Farm, the human farmer is expelled by the animals. Jeroen Schepers and Martin Wetzels. Everything he did finally ended up in benefiting him and his gang of pigs and not the other animals of the farm. By clicking “Proceed”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Snowball, on the other hand, never urged the animals to work for the benefit of anyone but themselves. A careful integration of all three is required for bringing about transformation. The Leadership Quarterly. Koen Dewettinck and Maaike van Ameijde, (2011). Herding academic cats: Faculty reactions to transformational and contingent reward leadership by department chairs. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. This paper provides an exploration of leadership and organisational behavioural issues at W L Gore Company, which is the UK branch of a renowned US company.

Leadership and Organisation Development Journal.

One can never discover what the final outcome of the story would be if Snowball remained in power of Animal Farm. According to Pearce et al. Snowball and Napoleon come out with “Seven Commandments” for their Animal Farm once the humans are run out. He tried to maintain status quo.

Such leaders are able to bring about stability, just as Napoleon did, but cannot instigate the change that the organization actually requires (Daft, 2010).

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