what is the main purpose of twitter

I guess I’m still learning what Twitter is really about for me. Hmmm. Over the past two years I’ve taken long breaks from Twitter due to computer problems. Numbers aren’t important. I’ve read a LOT of good articles and blog posts I found through Twitter (like this one! But what is the purpose of Twitter? But we’re at our creative best when we don’t let that intimidate us. Thanks again for your comment. Nice to see i’m not the only one who gives a s… about the numbers. How to use Twitter – A Guide for Facebook Users. You are absolutely right with every word you say. : ). Even if all you do is tell dumb jokes on Twitter, you’re adding value to some sad follower of yours. So that’s what it does for me. Unfortunately, on day one I stared at a blank screen, not knowing what to do. The Twitterverse is huge. I can’t say exactly why I love it so much, but I’ve been hooked since day two. Young users flocked to Twitter as a means to communicate quickly, effectively and with a variety of levels of privacy.

Thanks Pat for your comment. It is both and it's good at being both because it is both. Many users struggled to understand what Twitter is and how they could use it, but it has now become the social media platform of choice for many. Now, I understand the purpose of facebook, it’s to play Farmville. Over my past two years on Twitter I’ve been blessed to do the following: • Encouraged many people who have shared in tweets their sadness or frustration, • Helped a lady in Amsterdam find her lost passport, • Along with many others, helped disseminate information that fueled an “almost” revolution in Iran. Its purpose is ultimately to spread information fast -- while that information is not always serious (Kim Kardashian's thoughts on makeup, for instance), it sometimes is (like when Iranian protesters used Twitter to assemble marches). I also like that new term, tweetlings. I can’t say exactly why I love it so much, but I’ve been hooked since day two. I have about 300 followers and I follow almost as many. Of course, it isn’t Facebook, and praise God for that. Whether that is in real life or in the Twitterverse. The other thing I do use Twitter for is education, both mine and others. I’m not the kind of person who wants to discuss my interests with random strangers. Yeah, it’s small.

Some might say, “Oh, he doesn’t know much about Twitter. Great points. I think Twitter is a great way to learn new things. I still dont get it. Twitter isn’t all about having the most followers.

I went through a period of denying my own creativity, and I know I have followers who are in that place right now.

I love this! if that’s the sort of thing you like, you probably get it. At that point, Twitter will lose a lot of its value to me. Thank you for clarifying some of the uses of Twitter. Also, please share this post with others or like it on facebook. I really do love twitter. What Are You Teaching Your Twelve Year Old? Then you send broadcasts (tweets) daily, hourly, or as frequently as you like. Sometimes it may not even be who you follow who has the education, but they might know who has it, and then they share it via tweets.

Thanks Carrie. I love to know the twitter history of my readers. ), and for me there is no value you can place on all that content. Been reading lately about how it’s overrated, or in money trouble. Does Your Church Need a Freelance Social Media Manager? Of couse, I also tweet sometimes where I’ve eaten and even that can add value to the restaurant owner. Makes me want to help Biz Stone get more people using this wonderful medium. Wow Courtney, that’s cool! Free publicity, right? I look for things I didn’t know, and I share what I think others might want to know. Thanks. Do you add value to the lives of your followers? But what is the purpose of Twitter? Any of those things would really provide me with some value. All Rights Reserved. © 2020 Brian Thomas Humek. Am exploring ways to connect blogging, FB posts, and tweets, so you have definitely added value to my search. I wouldn’t mind 1000-5000 followers, but conversing with others is the most important thing to me on Twitter. It’s fun to take part in some of the hilarious or stupid #hashtags, but for me, I want to offer some help when the opportunity arises, some interesting content when I can, and levity anytime it is worthwhile.

However, I think those things are what Twitter is about or how it should be used. As for the value you add, I think it’s priceless to be able to help creative people come out of their shells and share their art with others. And when we support each other. Chris Brogan is a Writer, but Didn’t I Know that Already? : ). Because if it was, I’d be one great big Twitter failure. Virgin Galactic Crash Was Not Due to Explosion. Top Ten Tweets About Pizza (from Pizzaspotz.com), Sending Traffic to Facebook? You’re the sort of person who will find it useful, or you’re not. Twitter has become increasingly popular with academics as well as students, policymakers, politicians and the general public. I don’t know that I add any value to twitter, but I feel it’s like talking to myself but with the added benefit that someone else might be listening and might respond. It’s a big world out there, and making ourselves vulnerable freaks us out. I’ve gotten hooked on FB and do have a Twitter account, but don’t get it on it very much. • Put forth an effort, along with many others (especially @Ziabatsu) to stop a woman from committing suicide in Indonesia. Those interviews — and the resulting promotion — wouldn’t have happened without Twitter! Some may scoff at that notion.

It’s all about following the right people who have a great deal of education to share. I don’t use twitter from a smart phone, I do it all from a desktop or when I’m out with my laptop. you may see someone who’s having a bad day and do what I do, I send them a post with this video in it. Mark Zuckerberg Thanks You, Twitter Tips: Don’t Cut Off the Links in Your Tweets. How Twitter Works . These are exactly my views and visions of Twitter. I think like many twitterers do, that Twitter is about adding value to others. Digest away. And that’s good. Also, adding value could come on either end of a twitter thought. Thanks so much for the insight…and the ENCOURAGEMENT to keep up in a medium that I love too! I think you either get it or you don’t. I get worried that someday I’ll have too many, and it’ll become too difficult to have real interactions with people there anymore. : ). Twitter is a unique being. Yep. After all, look at the size of his … list of followers. Go to the What's Happening box next to your profile … Then I followed my first twitterer, tweep or whatever you call us and I was hooked.

I think these are the things we can do everyday that just makes life better. How about you? Brian, We creatives get scared a lot.

Please leave your comment below because I’d really like to know what you think. Do what you do best and the value to others will come. I’ve had lots of people say thank you and admit it made them feel better. Why do i care what people are doing every single minute? $LUV Southwest Airlines Will Take Off Again, UK Could Bloody Well Leave the EU – Says Merkel.

I also do not have a lot of followers, and I like it that way. You may even mention something in a tweet and a very observant person may say, “This person could use some info or link I have.” They’ll then send it to you and you’ll receive the value. Then I followed my first twitterer, tweep or whatever you call us and I was hooked. • Offered good content via tweeted links and re-tweeted links. Twitter is a unique being. I’ve had my account for almost a year but only started using it regularly this past January, when I launched my blog. One of the best posts on Twitter use I’ve ever seen!! Twitter’s a great place for connecting with people — and two of my connections are interviewing me about my writing, my newly published novel, and my blogging.

So, I don’t “get” Twitter. Should You Buy Virgin America ($VA) for the Long Haul? what can i say?

I probably am more a digester of tweets rather than a producer of anything. The accomplishments above on Twitter are minor in nature. Unfortunately, on day one I stared at a blank screen, not knowing what to do. You join with a free account and Twitter name. A friend once said, “You have to count your daily victories, even the small ones.” I say the same about “adding value.” A person, some person, can find value in just about everything. Hey Brian, great words. If I can tweet something that helps someone out of that darkness, I feel like I’ve accomplished something and used the medium in the best way I can. Twitter has grown exponentially over the past 10+ years. But in a way, Twitter imitates life and life should always be about adding value. As to what I do for my Tweetlings (as I like to call them ; ) — I focus mostly on providing and RTing content for my fellow writers and other Creatives. Twitter is easy to use as either broadcaster or receiver.

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