what are virtual events in event management

In today’s changing world, event & meeting management professionals are expected to have the skills necessary to plan and execute both live and virtual events. Modern platforms integrate with event registration systems to capture event information automatically. Make every impression count at conferences, meetings and beyond. Listen to Event Academy’s Commercial Director, Lorne Armstrong interview one of the industry’s leading experts as he gives his views on the current global climate. At first, we were limited to meeting locally, then social networks gave us the means to meet online. Blk 73 Ayer Rajah Crescent Apart from social media marketing, more and more businesses are making use of VR content as part of their marketing strategy. Take your exhibit hall map and make it engaging and interactive.

No matter what platform you use to broadcast your virtual event, make sure you research and utilize all the features that come with it that can help keep people engaged. Attendees do not have to travel the globe or attend each of these events on different days of the year. Today, as the world faces an unprecedented challenge, they are the only game in town for businesses that need to stay connected. Attending another event while you are already at an event venue may sound a little out of the ordinary.

Everything you need at an affordable price: livestreaming, virtual networking, & more! But how can you do this virtually? Virtual events use web-based platforms to connect dozens to thousands of attendees from across the globe and often include interactive engagement features such as polling, Q&A, chat boxes, and surveys. The property is injected into a VR environment to let event attendees see and experience the property via 3D tours. On top of email marketing, event organizers can also send push notifications via their app to remind attendees that a live stream is starting soon or that an exhibitor has a special offer. Consider creating an agenda or talking points for your virtual meeting and send it out beforehand (or include it in the calendar invite).

Learn more about our end-to-end meetings &. Fortunately, you can use interactive features like polls, Q&A sessions, and chats. Kath Goodson from the Creative Engagement Group challenges us to think from a client perspective when we begin to develop our plans for virtual events.

On the engagement panel, capabilities like chat, question submission, surveys and session evaluations create an immersive virtual event experience. Does it have aspects of virtual participation?

The low overhead! Why? Below are some of the common questions you may ask yourself when hosting an online event: Our Virtual Event Managers get to know you and your business, and will work with you to answer these questions and find the fit that’s best for you.

Bonus if it also includes tracks participation data to see how effective it is for your team or attendees. Whether you are planning a meeting for 10 people or an event for 100 people - this is an essential skill. As the virtual version event comes together, use email marketing to keep attendees updated and to build anticipation about your format change, whether it's announcing one of your keynotes is willing to do a live stream or that you and your team will set up a virtual exhibit hall (more on that later). That’s what we love to do, and what our Virtual Event Managers strive to achieve. Nelita Groppa is a b2b Conference expert and has had first hand experience of pivoting a company to succeed in the virtual events arena. Although the data that virtual events produce varies depending on what platform and event management software you use, it should be easier to gather certain data on your event and attendees during your virtual event than an in-person event. Even if they're stuck at home, people may not want to sit through an entire conference day. A post-event survey? Especially if you're transitioning your in-person event to a virtual or hybrid event, the number one thing you can do for it to be successful is to communicate, communicate, communicate. Tim gives his top tips on how to deal with them in a positive way and get the most out of a virtual audience. Home 12-02, Jalan Pertama 4, Outside of the event locations, the actual blockchain events for each technology are held at the blockchain tech company’s headquarters.

Discover more about our virtual event and live broadcasting services and get in touch here.

81200, Johor, on 7 Best VR Educational Apps For Learning In 2020, on Discover The 6 Best VR Arcades In Singapore, on 3 Best 360 Cameras For Real Estate In 2020, on VR Target Market: Targeting the Right Audience Segments, on How To Create 360 Images In 5 Easy Steps, YouTube has a virtual reality application, 360 Degree Shopping Experience: Key To Retail Success, 7 Best VR Educational Apps For Learning In 2020, Discover The 6 Best VR Arcades In Singapore, 3 Best 360 Cameras For Real Estate In 2020, VR Target Market: Targeting the Right Audience Segments. But one important thing to remember: don’t forget to have fun! The chat sessions will break down barriers and encourage the audience to participate more in your virtual event and you can share pre-recorded content, host virtual exhibitions and breakout sessions – this will make your virtual event feel more personal and deliver measurable results for you and your sponsors. 4.5/5 Virtual Events. And even if you’re not ready to go virtual quite yet, another lesson learned from recent events is to educate yourself and your team so that virtualizing your event as a plan b won’t feel so daunting. One area of VR that will soon be popular is the coming together of music fans in VR concerts. If you can, encourage your speakers to create a more engaging setting whether it's them being filmed sitting on a couch/chair or standing in front of a podium in a non-distracting area. If you had an exhibit hall at your in-person event, you can take that aspect of your event virtual as well! Connect with Cvent experts and fellow customers in the Cvent Community, home of our training and educational content; Ensure a seamless experience with additional virtual event-specific services, like configuration, webcast and speaker support, and full project management You can know the exact number of people attending, when your attendees logged on, from where, their dwelling time, how they are paying, and so much more. Presenters follow a best practice checklist to ensure they are ready for the big day. Like how the internet and smartphones have changed the world, virtual reality will soon become an integral part of our lives. People from all the aforementioned cities then zoom into the blockchain company through a live stream simultaneously. Does the virtual event platform provide you with the insights that are important to you, your company, your investors, and your sponsors? For example, you could have some of your session speakers pre-record their presentations, while your high-profile keynotes host a live stream each day. For example, the same blockchain event could be held in New York, London, Dubai, Tokyo, and Melbourne where attendees physically attend. Does it scale to fit your potential audience size? What are they going to do if they have technical issues? She gives her advice on how to plan virtual events and the logistical considerations you’ll need to consider in the lead up to event day. Otherwise, they would hire their own in-house teams if they require such events regularly for their business. Do they need a training? We’ve a variety of solutions available providing the most creative and effective virtual event solutions that will help your event thrive digitally online. For instance, you can know when your attendees logged on, from where, the number of people attending, how they engaged they are, and so much more. The immediacy of sharing content around the globe has never been more important. Despite these positives, however, there’s still a lot of planners that don’t know about hosting events online or adding virtual components to their in-person events. Drill down to glean insights on the most engaged attendees and companies. Do your presenters know how to use webinar tools available to them? But for a variety of reasons, it’s not always easy or achievable to bring people together in the same space. Making the investment to go virtual can help you achieve your goals, enhance engagement and discover another powerful tool to add to your event planning toolkit. To help you evaluate virtual event platforms, we’ve curated a list of questions to ask yourself about your current platform or a platform you are considering: The data from these questions will provide you with valuable insights into your event, your attendees, and will increase the success of your future events and campaigns. Virtual reality has the ability to bring people from all over the globe together into the same event. Whether you’re hosting a thought leadership conference, a virtual town hall, a sales kickoff, or another type of event, you can choose to make the sessions interactive, offer different language options, invite guest speakers, and more. Because everything is done online, so it can be easily tracked. In this guide, we have touched on 4 ways of how virtual reality in event management is being used now and in the future. Some events will mail presenters microphones to use before their presentations. We’ve outlined the top one’s planners should gather at their virtual events: How effective a presenter is at hosting their session, particularly for a virtual event, can make or break an attendee’s experience. Create a more engaging experience between attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. Many planners are also wondering if they can reach the same level of engagement or reach their revenue goals as they would with a traditional event. As this virtual shift continues, it’s important to ensure that you’re optimizing the online experience and keeping your attendees engaged behind the screen. Receive the latest updates and insights in the Events industry by signing up to our newsletter. Also consider asking your exhibitors to be available for individual virtual meetings or calls with your attendees in case they still want to keep their previously scheduled onsite meetings or spontaneously want to learn more about their company during your virtual event. Some things to think about is the size of your event, how many sessions you want to host, what engagement features you want and the costs before signing on with a provider. The only thing planners have to worry about paying is the costs of the virtual meeting platform. Co-managed backend management platforms enable event professionals to manage the event themselves or leave that to their provider. The answer is virtual, and every Special D Events planner has been certified by the Event Leadership Institute and MPI in virtual event and meeting management (VEMM). The truth is there are several benefits to going virtual that may not be well-known throughout the industry. Post-event e-mails? Like-minded individuals can join a group to share opinions via social media. For most planners, going virtual is still a foreign concept.

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