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All the men are related by blood—as a man and his sons and his grandsons, or a set of brothers and their sons and grandsons; the women of the household as their wives, unmarried daughters and perhaps the widow of a deceased kinsman. Types of Families. Her choice of mate is generally determined by considerations of love, affection and similarity of interest or temperament. Q. The Vedas, however, spoke of several families of the same stock residing together in the same house. Moreover, small houses in cities with little or no playground have also tended to put the children on the streets or on public parks or playgrounds during their leisure time, thereby further removing them from the influence of their parents, brothers or sisters. In such a family, the men usually work outside the home, while the women are expected to look after the home. It consists of two parents and children. Tags: Question 8 . Schlegel, Alica. With the increased use of nursery schools and kindergartens much of the early training of the child has been taken over by the specialists. This may be explained by the fact than an agrarian family is large-sized and that the members spend their leisure-hours together. She does not have to look so much for a “provider”. Hence both husband and wife confront each other on terms of equality. There is, thus, a complete subordination of the individual to the family. Extended families include at least three generations: grandparents, married offspring, and grandchildren. Minneapolis: Fairview Press. This family type is looked upon as being an ideal Christian family, one that should be a model for all other family types.In past times the man of the family was responsible for bringing home the bread, so to speak, while the woman was expected to remain a stay-at-home mom. Newcomb, Rachel.

Boston: McGraw Hill Higher Education.

It is, however, interesting to ‘note that the bonds of the joint family are rarely severed completely. 30 seconds . Nuclear families are comprised of married partners and their offspring. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. Wynn, Lisa. The decline of the economic significance of the family as a producing unit’ has impaired the old-time unity of the family group. The following points highlight the three main types of families.

Having been thus stripped of most of its traditional functions, the modern family performs mainly the following three functions which Maclver and Page characterize as essential functions of the family: (i) The procreation and rearing of children. Each has distinctive advantages and challenges. Nuclear Family: Also called a conjugal family, a nuclear family includes the parents and their children living in the same residence or sharing the closest bonds. The agrarian family being an economic organisation, there was the need for some sort of leadership. This may be resented by his wife. The increased rates of divorce among urban families, not only in the West but also in India, indicate the strains and stresses to which these families are subjected. Recreation facilities are also generally confined to the family circle in an agrarian community. Even now in rural areas there are households in which three or four generations are to be found living under one roof, and the number of members of the family group may approach one hundred.

However, such limited data as are available on this subject seem to refute this belief. Among the artisan castes too, it is the family that is the producing unit, since the members of the family co-operate in the output of handicraft goods. (iii) Providing a home for its members who share, not simply a house, but, in addition, intimacy, affection, and a warm relationship which no other association can provide. Such changes are also increasingly taking place in urban, areas in India. Additionally, there is the polygymous family, which is comprised of multiple spouses and dependent children (Lavenda and Schultz 2010; note that Lavenda and Schultz refer to a polygynous family, not a polygymous family, but that term does not encompass a married woman living with multiple husbands and dependent children). When a man gets a job in a factory and earns his pay independently of the efforts of his parents and brothers, he is not so prone to turn over his earnings to the common family fund, as was the case when he and his brothers worked on the soil together. Generally, family members live together, but that is not always the case. SUMMARY Though this family structure is common and basic. An agrarian family performs different kinds of protective functions, such as the care of the sick, the aged and the unemployed. There are, however strong pressures in the opposite direction also. In Vedic times, sons did not acquire co-ownership in family property at birth. The smallness of the living quarters, the smaller number of the members of the family, the difficulty of getting them together, lack of recreational facilities at home, the development of relatively cheap commercial entertainment in the form of theatres, movies, etc., comparative ease of modern transportation—all these make the members of the family seek recreational opportunities outside the home circle. Husband and wife are not expected to show much affection toward each other in the presence of others.

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