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2582 BL Den Haag, Bergse Dorpsstraat 93-A Pliny described Emperor Nero’s use of convex emeralds to view gladiator battles, although it is uncertain what the purpose of these might have been. ... optics… The study of optics in part five of Opus Majus draws heavily on the works of both Claudius Ptolemy (his Optics in Arabic translation) and the Islamic scientists Alkindus (al-Kindi) and Alhazen (Ibn al-Haytham). Thomas Aquinas was brought up in Italy but made his name in Paris, while his longstanding opponent Siger of Brabant came from the Netherlands. “No one,” he wrote, “worked in so many sciences and languages as I did, nor so much as I. Thus, when you lift a rock, the motion is violent, but when you let go the subsequent fall is natural. Zeestraat 100 2502 EM. The last thing any good political leader needs is to be surrounded by yes men. Only if institutions of learning such as universities fulfill their proper function can society find and stick to its proper course.

Aristotle explained that this was ‘natural’ because falling objects were inherently striving to reach their proper place. His concern was that the Church was not using the full armoury of the sciences to further the spread of Christianity. MORE INFO . This particular utilization of optical principles provided a solution to the common problem of poor eyesight. ‘From an incredible distance we might see the smallest letters …’ he wrote, ‘so also might we cause the sun, moon and stars to descend in appearance here below and similarly to appear above the heads of our enemies.’27 Nevertheless, Record’s comment certainly proves that the idea of the telescope had been around long before it was officially invented in 1608. This was one of the reasons why no single ruler was ever able to dominate in the way Charlemagne had done. Crazz Optics Eindhoven. It is possible that the association of practical skills with alchemy and magic helped frighten off university scholars.

Second, there is a persistent myth that because he was ahead of his time, he got into serious trouble with the Church.

Bacon was acquainted with the properties of mirrors, knew the powers of steam and gunpowder, had a working knowledge in microscopy, and possessed an instrument very much like a modern telescope. What doesn’t hold up should be rejected.

The shared religion of western Europe, as well as widespread knowledge of Latin, meant that medieval scholars formed a single international intelligentsia that was more closely knit than it has ever been since. The conquests of Genghis Khan (1162–1227) had imposed a bloody peace on central Asia which made travelling from Europe to China practicable for the first time since the fall of the Persian Empire in the seventh century. Optical Principles of the Magnifying Glass, https://wiki.brown.edu/confluence/download/attachments/29221/convex%20lens.jpg, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shen_Kuo#Mathematics_and_optics. Daalakkersweg 4-26 5641JA Eindhoven.

It was the natural desire of objects to occupy their proper place that caused them to fall or rise. Roger Bacon was next in the line of natural philosophers, after Grosseteste, who would ensure that Oxford had an illustrious reputation for the subject throughout the late Middle Ages. Roger Bacon (1214-1294) Roger Bacon was an English scholastic philosopher who was also considered a scientist because he insisted on observing things for himself instead of relying on what other people had written. Bacon was one of those remarkable human beings who seem to know just about everything.

This makes no difference to the law of reflection, which works in either direction. The advantage was that the friars had their own priories at Oxford that provided food and board. Roger Bacon was an English scholastic philosopher who was also considered a scientist because he insisted on observing things for himself instead of relying on what other people had written. Bacon expressed deep antipathy toward those who merely pretend to know, such as magicians who pretend to use scientific methods.

Despite the frequent conflicts between the nobility and royalty, everybody accepted that it was, in fact, unacceptable to make war on fellow Christians.

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