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The largest urbanized area in the United States is at the heart of the metropolitan area, the New York–Newark, NY–NJ–CT Urbanized Area (estimated to have an area of 6,720 square miles). In 2004, a suite of York Region reports was published, including A Profile of York Region’s Low Income Population. 2006 employment based on York Region … Source: 2006 households based on Statistics Canada, 2006 Census. [208] The Croton Watershed north of the city is undergoing construction of a US$3.2 billion water purification plant to augment New York's water supply by an estimated 290 million gallons daily, representing a greater than 20% addition to the city's current availability of water. [39] With a Census-estimated population of 8,550,405 in 2015 (8,491,079 in 2014[40][41]), distributed over a land area of just 305 square miles (790 km2),[42] New York is the most densely populated major city in the United States. In addition to the New York–Newark–Jersey City, NY–NJ–PA metropolitan statistical areas (MSA), the following core-based statistical areas are also included in the New York–Newark, NY–NJ–CT–PA CSA: The area is frequently divided into the following subregions:[36][37], All eight subregions are often further divided. h�b```�.�~~�ʰ !� ��&�M�I��J,b��30���E p�������L^7�fh\�eXxp*s4�G���B��a�;d�4#b�Na �)���20�����` R&� Approximately 3,200,000 TEUs of containers and 700,000 automobiles are handled per year. [19][20][21] The New York metropolitan area continues to be the premier gateway for legal immigration to the United States,[22][23][24][25] with the largest foreign-born population of any metropolitan region in the world. Central Asians, primarily Uzbek Americans, are a rapidly growing segment of the city's non-Hispanic white population, enumerating over 30,000, and including over half of all Central Asian immigrants to the United States,[151] most settling in Queens or Brooklyn. Westchester and Rockland counties are connected by the heavily trafficked New Tappan Zee Bridge, as well as by the Bear Mountain Bridge near their northern ends. The Newburgh Waterfront in the City of Newburgh is home to many high-end restaurants. [47] Home to the headquarters of the United Nations,[48] New York is an important center for international diplomacy.

The city of York covers a surface area of 105.00 sq mi (271.94 km2). With a Census-estimated population of 7,838,722 in 2015, constituting nearly 40% of New York State's population,[56][57][58][59][60] the majority of New York residents, 58% as of 2015, now live on Long Island, namely the estimated 4,896,398 residents living in the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. Poplation densities throughout Upstate New York. In 1884, over 70% of exports passed through ports in New York or in one of the surrounding towns.

[248] The New York metropolitan area has the highest total number of professional sports teams in these five leagues. Today, many people in the metropolitan area work in this important stock exchange. It is the fastest growing region in Canada and it is expected to grow to more than 1.5 million people by 2031. There were 8,103,731 households, of which 30.2% or 2,449,343 had children. [38], The geographical, cultural, and economic center of the metropolitan area is New York City, which consists of five boroughs, each of which is also a county of New York State.

[135][136][137][138][139][140] In 2012, 6.3% of New York was of Chinese ethnicity, with nearly three-fourths living in either Queens or Brooklyn, geographically on Long Island. [173], New York's most important economic sector lies in its role as the headquarters for the U.S. financial industry, metonymously known as Wall Street.

See Climate of New York City for additional climate information from the outer boroughs. In 1960, the metropolitan area standards were modified and renamed standard metropolitan statistical areas (SMSAs).

The island of Manhattan had an extraordinary natural harbor formed by New York Bay (actually the drowned lower river valley of the Hudson River, enclosed by glacial moraines), the East River (actually a tidal strait), and the Hudson River, all of which merge at the southern tip, from which all later development spread. Municipalities including Trenton (the state capital of New Jersey and the only U.S. state capital within the New York metropolitan area) and Princeton (home to Princeton University) are located in this subregion, as is a significant portion of the Jersey Shore.

[133] on Long Island,[134] as the New York metropolitan region and New York State have become the top destinations for new Chinese immigrants, respectively, and large-scale Chinese immigration continues into New York City and surrounding areas.

Beginning in the 1990s, however, crime dropped substantially. [155] The New York region continues to be by far the leading metropolitan gateway for legal immigrants admitted into the United States, substantially exceeding the combined totals of Los Angeles and Miami, the next most popular gateway regions. [129] New York contains the highest total Asian population of any U.S. city proper. To plan for and accommodate this growth, York Region is reviewing and updating employment policies in the Official Plan. Encyclopedia of Christian Education. Several areas on Long Island, New Jersey, and the Connecticut coast have been impacted by serious storm surges in the past. Water purity and availability are a lifeline for the New York metropolitan region. [83] Hurricanes and tropical storms have impacted the Tri-State area in the past, though a direct hit is rare. Principal cities are generally those where there is a greater number of jobs than employed residents.[75][76][77][78]. The area is home to the Wappingers Central School District, which the second largest school district in the state of New York. © Copyright 2019, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, Sign up for the Homeless Hub weekly newsletter. 34, Cosmologies of Credit: Transnational Mobility and the Politics of Destination in China, 2010, Julie Y. Chu, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. Out of this, most (50.6% or 2,992,639) were born in Latin America, 27.0% or 1,595,523 were born in Asia, 17.4% or 1,028,506 were born in Europe, 3.8% or 224,109 were born in Africa, and 0.2% or 11,957 were born in Oceania. Cable companies offer such competition in the Pennsylvania portion, Connecticut, and a few counties in central New Jersey. The region recorded 48 new infections on Oct. 3, up from 43 cases added the day before. The city is served by three primary commuter rail systems plus Amtrak. 2006 population based on Statistics Canada, 2006 Census using an estimated undercount adjustment of 4.1%.

In 2015, Silicon Alley generated over US$7.3 billion in venture capital investment,[190] most based in Manhattan, as well as in Brooklyn, Queens, and elsewhere in the region. The metropolitan area is home to approximately 6% of the United States' population.

Rowman & Littlefield. The Great Depression suspended the region's fortunes as a period of widespread unemployment and poverty began. New York has been the country's largest city since 1790. This lists the populations of 29 counties in Western and Central New York by region starting with the seven core Finger Lakes Region counties.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation's Early Stage Life Sciences Funding Initiative and venture capital partners, including Celgene, General Electric Ventures, and Eli Lilly, committed a minimum of US$100 million to help launch 15 to 20 ventures in life sciences and biotechnology. The Largest Population: California 39,937,489. Its major terminal is Grand Central Terminal. A CMSA consisted of several primary metropolitan statistical areas (PMSAs), which were individual employment centers within a wider labor market area. [84], The New York metropolitan area averages 234 days with at least some sunshine and 59% of possible sunlight annually,[85] accumulating 2,400 to 2,800 hours of sunshine per annum.[86]. ����@�{�h?�����c`������@� �%9 [143] Koreans made up 1.2% of the city's population, and Japanese 0.3%. [18] It is the largest urban agglomeration in the Americas and the tenth largest in the world.

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