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At an inquest at Chesterfield Royal Hospital yesterday, on John Samuel Butler (45), miner, Arkwright Town, who was fatally injured by a fall of roof at Markham No.2 Colliery, H.M. – Because he was getting the pack down at the time. He leaves a widow, one son and one daughter. _ It put one in such a flutter. Charles Hudson, stallman, 5, Arkwright Town, said he was working with Clayton. It was stated that death would have been instantaneous.
The deceased’s father, Robert Shepherd, a confectioner, of Wheatbridge Road, Chesterfield, gave evidence of identification. George Jewitt, 9, Poolsbrook, a detaller, identified the body as that of his brother, who was also a detaller, and lodged with witness. Evidence was also given by Ellcock, who said he gave warning of the approaching tubs, but did not receive the usual acknowledgment; and by Clarence Brown, Duckmanton, the haulage deputy. Mr. Bastide said he wished to pay a special tribute to the deputy and Halfyear, Speed, and two other men, Clement McConnon and John Burns, for their noble service in trying to get Yarnold out. Green) suggested that all miners should carry with them a small packet of sterilised dressings, and Albert Briggs, deputy, who agreed as to the value of this, did not think miners generally would comply. John Sheldon, Nelson Street, Whittington, brother of deceased, stated that deceased was twenty years of age, and was a corporal and pony driver. When I examined the indicator it was in perfect working order. – Yes.

The courage of a Staveley miner in attempting unaided and at great risk to himself to rescue a colleague buried by a fall of roof was commended at an inquest at Marsh Lane on Tuesday on Geo.

Adams, who was a married man with two children, whilst engaged in cleaning the sump of a coal washer was caught in the elevator and his body was fearfully mangled. 1 Pit the previous Monday. They had finished changing the tub road out of the old into the new. The engine winder also said that he heard it. At an inquest at Chesterfield yesterday (Thursday) on John Higginson (61), 19, Lawn Villas, Calow, who was involved in a cage accident at Markham No.2 Colliery on Tuesday morning, the jury were faced with conflicting evidence.

Dr. Wrigley, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, said deceased on admission was suffering from shock and a compound fracture of the lower jaw. Altogether it was about three inches long and it had been bleeding profusely. Sympathy is felt with his wife and baby daughter in their loss. The pony, he said, was a restless animal, and always showed great eagerness to start off immediately it had been coupled to the tubs. Benjamin Goodall (45), of 8, Shaw’s Row Brampton, Chesterfield, died shortly after admission to Chesterfield Royal Hospital on Tuesday night, following an accident at Markham Colliery, Duckmanton. Father’s Thanks at Inquest at Chesterfield. He was able to attend the resumed inquest, being driven to and from the hospital by the Coroner in his car, assisted in and out of the Council Room by Sgt.

Neal, the manager of the colliery. He only lived ten minutes after the accident.

1 Colliery. Deceased was able to tell them where his spine was injured and he was unable to use his legs.

John Brooks, 26 Seymour, Staveley, slipper-on, said he attached the clip for the eleventh time that morning, and so far as he was aware there was nothing wrong with it. I did not miss the two timbers until after the men were got out. Ancestry Profile:  William Robinson. Mr Spencer said it had been stated that, admitted at 3.30 a.m., the patient was not medically attended until 9 a.m. Mr Bastide (solicitor to the Staveley Company, owners of the colliery) : Were the family informed on the day of his admission that no bones were broken, and that he was only suffering from bruises? He was pinned by a large piece of stone across his buttocks. He said that Hill was a single man. The cable recoiled with such violence that it swept the repair gang off their feet. Dr.McCrea said the men had maintained and enhance the reputation of the Derbyshire miner. – First rate. A stretcher was waiting, and he was conveyed immediately to the pit bottom. Spencer, J.P., on behalf of the Derbyshire Miners’ Association,  Mr. R. Ringham, agent for Markham Collieries and Mr. H. Kirk, manager of the colliery. When he got to the place he found Perrins in a sitting position with a piece of bind five feet long, two feet wide, and six inches thick, on the ground to his right hand side.

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