how to catch perch in lake simcoe

Learn why the perch are there, how deep they are, and take that information to move and find less pressured fish in similar areas. Every so often I give it a small twitch, no big movements, nothing crazy. I alternate between some aggressive rips and small taps. The Lake Simcoe perch travel in schools, and many times when you catch one good sized perch, more won't be too far away. Their main source in Lake Simcoe comes from the prolific schools of smelt and herring, although perch, gobies, sculpin make up a small part of their diet. Early and late in the year, you can also find jumbos in shallow water. The other is Devils Lake in North Dakota. By slowly I mean I do almost nothing but wait for fish to show up.

Simcoe whities average 3-5 pounds with 7+ pounders being possible. Pike in excess of 12-14 lbs are not uncommon in the lake. In Lake Simcoe, one of the world’s top ice-fishing destinations, perch is prolific. Whities as they are often referred to, are a bottom dwelling, schooling fish that roam in packs. For more ice fishing information visit Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe Spring and Summer fishing for Jumbo perch is also excellent, especially during the morning hours. Lake Simcoe is one of the heaviest pressured. HOTSPOTS
When it works it is rewarding. There are lots of people talking online about popular fishing spots like Sibbalds Point or Gilford, and when you get there the crowds will show you where fish are. Find em, Catch em! Perch bite readily and generally if you aren't … Pike are often caught while perch fishing, and can be a nice surprise. Their table fare, schooling tendencies and willingness to bite make them extremely popular. You can use any spoon on the bottom of the Donkey Rig, but Slabgrabbers are so versatile and effective it’s the only one I use.

More yellow perch are caught during the winter than all other species combined. You will catch a lot of smaller male fish, which are often the best eating fish, but there will be some big females mixed in. Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe fishing maps also include lake info such as gamefish abundance, forage base, water clarity, weedline depth, bottom composition, complete latitude/longitude grid lines and dozens of GPS waypoints & coordinates. We started offering them for sale on the boat. It got popular on Lake Simcoe for catching whitefish, but the Vibrato is my “sneak attack” lure when ice fishing for Lake Simcoe perch, especially when they are suspended and tight-lipped. HOTSPOTS Reproduction prohibited, search specific specified spots stories tips topo waters. Anglers from far and wide make the annual journey to Simcoe in search if its legendary jumbo perch, whitefish and lake trout. Once you find perch, dropdown any one of these baits, slow down. If fish don’t show up I bounce it off the bottom a few more times, try to create a bit of commotion, grab someone’s attention. There's my go-to rod/reel outfit: the Quantum Smoke 15 and a 7'0 Panfish Series spinning rod from my friends at St. Croix Rods. Ice fishing on Lake Simcoe is extremely popular, due not only to its stellar fishing, but also its close proximity to the GTA. Recommended Locations: With its shallow, weedy waters, Cooks Bay provides the best yellow perch fishing in Lake Simcoe. Ice fishing on Lake Simcoe is extremely popular, due not only to its stellar fishing, but also its close proximity to the GTA. This is when they put on the feed bag. As for depth, there are always exceptions, although generally speaking, the best schools of perch are found in 10-35 feet of water. If they are any good, they will put you on fish and you will have a decent day.

It doesn’t come together easily. On popular bodies of water like Lake Simcoe, it can be as easy as looking for the crowds. This will trigger the aggressive fish to feed.

Generally, I try to keep the Rippin’ Rap moving with my rod tip, occasionally letting it rest. I use small rod movements to impart action into the Vibrato, only occasionally let it rest. Their aggressive nature and line peeling fights make them a must for any angler fishing Lake Simcoe. Late in the season perch begin to stage on the drop-offs and flats close to spawning grounds. Whitefish are another sought after gamefish on Lake Simcoe. For best success, keep moving until you find a school of fish. There’s probably not an angler on the lake that doesn’t own a Williams Ice Jig for their winter whities. Deeper water often holds better concentrations of fish that are less spooky of the noise above them, try to fish away from the crowd, it can make a tremendous difference. He had been introduced to this rig for perch fishing at Lake Simcoe, Ontario None were available locally so we ordered some online from Florida where they use them mostly to catch threadfin herring to use as bait for tarpon fishing. Generally, the perch grounds are the first to freeze. Spring hotspots include Atherley Narrows, … Lake access and boat launch facilities are only 75-yards from our front door and we have six slips for keeping your boat in the water. Those with a Sport Fishing Licence can keep up to 50 daily and have 100 in their possession. I’ve fished both and found Lake Simcoe …

Lakers will cruise any part of the water column, sometimes in schools, sometimes as loners. Large dead baits such as smelt hooked on a deadstrike rig can also be deadly, especially during early ice. HOTSPOTS The best laker depths seem to be from 70-110 feet, although as always they can be found shallower and deeper. A lot of the fun is putting a plan together and executing it. Lake Simcoe perch feed on tiny shrimp called scuds which inhabit the green weeds, jigging small baits in these areas can be deadly. Being able to fish slow, stay on bottom and feel strikes will make or break your perch fishing. Perch on Simcoe are very prolific and average 6-7 inches in length, although if you find the right schools, 10-12 inchers can be more common with 15 inch jumbos being a real possibility. NORTHERN PIKE      Lake Simcoe also offers excellent ice fishing for pike.

Like ripping my Slabgrabber off the bottom is ringing the dinner bell, ripping a Rippin’ Rap on the bottom and higher in the water column is ringing the dinner bell for the whole neighbourhood. With a two-fish limit on Lake Simcoe per angler for conservation, we released most of the fish we caught and kept two each for dinner.

If this one-two punch doesn’t draw them in and get a strike, I switch to a crankbait. Lefroy – Keswick – Virginia Beach – Beaverton – Gilford – Innisfil, HOT BAITS

Finding perch is the first piece of the puzzle. Live minnows (fished on bottom) – Williams Ice Jig – Bottom Feeding Jigs (Bad Boyz, Meegz, Northam Bottom Feeding Minnow) – Small Tube Jigs. To date, I have caught whitefish, lake trout, perch, pike, crappie, brook trout, smallmouth bass, jack crevalle and mackerel on the Sebile Vibrato. Unknown to some, is that anglers under 18 years of age (or residents 65 and over) do not require a fishing licence, but they are still permitted to … Much like the Slabgrabber, I start by dropping this to the bottom, rip it to create a dust plume, then start working it through the water column. This time of year means big wind most days, and boat control is rarely easy. Focus on the 6-12 foot range to find these spawning perch. I use the Navionics App to find those areas. If those fish are around, but not biting, then I will downsize my bait and usually go to a Strike Zone Pan Slammer or a teardrop with 3-5 live maggots… both of those options can be deadly! Advertising Rates | Submit a Listing | Terms & Conditions They feed mostly on small fish and invertebrates. Over an 8-hour period, four of us hooked well over 20 whitefish and a few lake trout on just three of Don’s numerous spots. It really is designed to be an all-around fish killer! You could end up with a stale hut and spend the day way out on the lake. If fish come in while I am moving the lure, I continue to move it until I hook up or the fish leave. A huge lake located roughly 50km north of the city, it offers a variety of fishing adventures. Trout can be found where the bait is found, they are constantly moving in search of food.

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