eugenics movement, and race

Actually this latter process can scarcely be called a blend, since it implies the elimination of a specific part of the combined inheritance.

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14 - 16 April 2010, Vienna, Austria. Human stock-breeding is surely not a bad thing when exercised voluntarily and intelligently, and when its aim is to preserve an aristocracy of mankind. Thus Dr. Herman J. Müller, one of the world’s leading geneticists and recent winner of the Nobel Prize for his work on radiation and genetic endowment, recently created considerable interest by a prediction on the significance of artificial insemination with regard to racial progress and the biological character of nations. One immediate result, therefore, is that since no record of artificially inseminated children will be preserved in birth registers, a birth certificate as a record of parenthood will, The family tree as told by the birth register will cease to be reliable, and none of us will be able to prove descent by this means, unless legal steps are taken to ensure that children conceived by artificial insemination have an entry made on their birth certificate to indicate the name of the donor parent – a, Although it seems likely that sufficient pressure will eventually be brought to bear upon the government and selection officials to ensure that care is exercised with regard to the selection of fit and healthy donors, this itself will not be enough. And this cannot be done unless our birth records show accurately the name and identity of his real parent: not merely of the foster parent, which is meaningless information. Thus, by creating a network of international scholars working in the broad area of eugenics and race, the research group will help to foster new interdisciplinary agendas that push the frontiers of academic research, while staying connected to political developments concerning racial and gender equality in the twentieth-first century. Dealing with entire populations is a different matter from dealing with individuals.

Both probably began to mix from the earliest periods, or perhaps were never fully differentiated along the border areas. A race is a group of individuals who possess a similar genetic heritage, and who when crossed are capable of breeding true. But today ‘civilisation’ has changed the natural environment of man (and also of many of the higher animals, particularly those which have become domesticated). Whatever the value and importance of education might be, there can be no progress, and no maintenance of standards even, if the individuals in a nation are not of sufficiently high quality to maintain that progress or that level. In small societies under primitive conditions ‘random’ drift may take place when, due simply to the smallness and homogeneity of the group, an ‘accident’ may lead to a variation in the character of the succeeding generations for no obvious or apparent reason, but this is rare amongst larger communities. Nature would seem to be a fickle mistress: many promising species have been annihilated in the past by “accidents” of environment. Actually this latter process can scarcely be called a blend, since it implies the elimination of a specific part of the combined inheritance. Race & Membership/Eugenics This reading comes from the Facing History and Ourselves resource Race and Membership in American History: The Eugenics Movement . racial, the product of the importation of a different pattern of genes.

Amongst the lower animals, where the genetic pattern is simple, it is relatively easier, of course, to eliminate or isolate the individuals with mixed genes, and to breed only from those which represent one or other pure types. of intermediate examples of either living or fossil species, for many of our nineteenth century scholars to accept. To ensure a guaranteed pattern of future reproduction, free from latent defects, which may not appear outwardly in the donor, but which may be present in his genes, it is and will be essential to study the donor stock through several generations!

Where there is no inbreeding and no consequent segregation and elimination of the unfit, evolution amongst the higher forms does not in fact take place. Thus scarcely one hundred years ago, mankind was still ignorant of the most elementary and basic facts of evolutionary theory, even although farmers in western Europe had for decades engaged in the selective breeding of livestock and the cross-fertilisation of crops, to produce such specimens of cattle, corn and horses as the world had never before seen. Dividing his time between digging the small field which was attached to the cottage, to grow more food for the war stricken country, and milking his cattle and feeding his pigs, his synthesis steadily took shape. Taking one gene from each parent the possible combinations are therefore two white genes, two black genes, or one white and one black. Outside Europe, other discoveries were made, and eventually a wide range of fossil remains were uncovered which appeared to belong to the same type, to what has subsequently come to be identified as the Neanderthal assemblage: Solo man, discovered by the Dutch geologist Oppenoorthin on the banks of the Solo river in Java; Rhodesian man, identified by the Boer scientist Dr. Hrdliche; and Peking man, in China, excavated from a hillside rich in prehistoric remains, which for years had been quarried by the Chinese for bones to grind down into magic potions, by the Swedish anthropologist Dr. Andersson. This sub-species, or group of related sub-species, has been called Neanderthal man – after the beautiful Neander Valley near, in which the first identifiable remains were found.

A great deal of ‘Mediterranean’ blood certainly survives amongst the many peoples of Latino-Keltic speech in Wales, for example, and Italy – although the ancient Latins and Kelts were a northern people before their intermarriage in these areas with the Mediterraneans whom they conquered.

Clear thinking on Race and Eugenics? Due however to the fact that we today live under much the same environmental conditions as our earliest ancestors, and we are still exposed to much the same radiational forces that affected our ancestors, it is reasonable to assume that something like a state of equilibrium has been reached by the human race in respect of mutational changes, even if it is a moving equilibrium. It was therefore assumed that to eradicate the individual exhibiting the fault was sufficient to eradicate the fault, regardless of other factors. To those who feel a loyalty beyond the limits of their own generation – to the untold generations which are still to come – ,to those who thrill to the story of man and the greatness of human achievement, to those who would yet see a bright future for mankind, and who would yet build that “brave new world” of which we have dreamed for so long, there is one salient priority, Environmental care and improved schooling techniques for backward children can do much for sub-standard individuals, but environment can only work between limits which are determined by biology and heredity. The difference between man and ape remained too great, without the. Whether mutations are dominant or recessive, if a defect is present then close inbreeding within a small group will result in the concentration of that defect, and subsequent elimination of the group, through inefficiency, whereas if the range of intermarriage is wider, the defect will become more widely disseminated, weakening the entire stock, but will be reduced in its effect on any one individual due to the admixture with healthy individuals. The study of eugenics and race is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation - one defined by society's need to engage with scientific advances and the ethical dilemmas they raise on the one hand, and the investigation … They would seem to have been responsible for the early heliolithic civilisations (5000 – 2000 B.C.) Following the dispersion of our anthropoid ancestors, separate communities evolved in geographical isolation, and in consequence the work of evolution was able to progress more rapidly. Most important of all the changes which must have taken place during the last Ice Age, however, was the development somewhere in isolation of a new species of completely modern type. 18 - 19 April 2008, Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Science Warsaw, Poland. Subsequently, however, the idea of co-operation between the members of, began to emerge, and it came to be appreciated that evolution did not necessarily take place between competing. VI A BELIEF IN THE FUTURE. In consequence, where the parental or racial origin is mixed, it is common to get ‘throw-backs’, or offspring who reveal characteristics that were present in earlier generations, but which were not apparent in either of the immediate parents, due to the fact that the characteristics in question had been carried ‘dormant’ in the genes.

A race is consequently pure or impure according to its ability to breed true, and to produce its own kind. In the lower forms of life, this has often meant a rigid adaptation to given environmental conditions, and the consequent elimination of the entire species should a geographical or climatic change modify the environment too violently to permit the continued existence of this highly specialised form of life.

Let us therefore examine now the nature of this genetic inheritance, and see how the biology of different races and sub-species can have a vital effect on world history. Normally the question of who has the most offspring within a community – of who sets the pattern of the following generation – is dependent on specific environmental conditions, and as a result a species is subjected to the effect of ‘selection’, for the Darwinian dogma of ‘survival of the fittest’ is merely simple selection at work. The third of the forces which are at work changing the pattern of life from generation to generation is the effect of cross-breeding between sub-species, found mostly amongst domesticated creatures who become liable to perversion of the natural instincts. Intelligence is of particular value because of the versatility which it implies and the fact that it can be used to meet the challenge of changing conditions.

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