characteristics of family

It is through the family that every family name is carried on from one genera­tion to another.

In patriarchal families, the head of the family is a male, and authority is vested in him. Marriage is the base of family.

The process of reproduction is institutionalized, regulated and controlled in a family…

Every family follows some rules or procedures through which it establishes the marital relationship by which family is formed.

However, in the case of matriarchal joint families (mother-centered) or matrilineal (lineage or descent traced through the mothers side or the female side), daughters are a part of the joint family, whereas sons become a part of their wives’ families. Generally, family includes only those persons who are born in it and are closely related by blood relationship and adoption. Each family has distinctive customs, traditions, mores, norms and culture.

Family is the nucleus of all social structure and still continue to be the most stable associations and institutions of human society.

The family of orientation and procreation may live together under the same roof, but can still be distinguished.

The members of the family are known by the nomenclature or by a distinctive name.

A family made up of one wife and more than one husband, and the children, either born or adopted with each one of them. TOS 7. Every family follow a particular form of marriage. 10.

When a family stays in the husband’s house for some time, and moves to wife’s house, stays there for a period of time, and then moves back to husband’s parents, or starts living in another place, the family is called a family of chang­ing residence. 3. A completely isolated individual is unthinkable. The members are socialized in such a manner that they never dare to violate the family rules and regulations. Matriarchal families are generally found in matrilineal societies. Each and every family identifies itself by a name.

Above all, the family socializes the child, which helps in the development of human personality. Family is responsible for the production and upbringing of children. Every family is made up of husband and wife, and/or one or more children, both natural and adopted. Matriarchal families are found only in matrilineal societies, which are very limited in number all over the world. All the members of the family are emotionally interwoven with one another. But some forms of mating relationship must exist between man and woman.

Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Family helps in propagation of human species and perpetuation of human race.

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