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What potentially damaging info does this sentence contain?

Who is paying John Patrick – the MRC, or the Trustees? What we are focusing on is the quality, or rather the lack of quality so evident in the officers’ reports.

The business of running racing clubs has been rapidly evolving in recent years from hosting race days into a multi-billion entertainment, gaming, land development and hotel business. Went on to say that it was ‘very sad’ that people can be ‘so spiteful’ and that he knows what’s ‘behind it’ and the ‘people behind it’ and it doesn’t ‘surprise’ him at all. We draw readers’ attention to the following quotes from the Ron Torres report –. The expenditure of $100,000 is surely a drop in the ocean compared to the vast waste that is endemic in Glen Eira!

The announcement states that the Trustees have appointed Patrick Pty Ltd. The Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust is currently working to prepare a Land Management Plan that will guide the next ten years of activity on the Reserve and ensure a place for everyone, where it’s use can be maximised for the community’s needs. They pinpoint very clearly the sheer incompetence of this administration and its councillors – plus the ongoing ‘born to rule’ mentality of the MRC. All of which leads to the even broader question of what proportion of resident and sporting group ‘suggestions’ will be taken up by the MRC? Response was communication will be direct engagement at board level, but such negotiations will not be minuted. Most disappointing was that all questions of governance, risk management were deemed as ‘irrelevant’ to the evening. He is correct in pointing out that the Auditor-General raised serious concerns in relation to the way that the structure of that trust was established and the potential for and real conflicts of interest that exist. Structure planning is complex. Can the minister provide an answer to concerned Elsternwick residents as to why are there are these inconsistencies whereby one electorate, the marginal seat of Bentleigh, is being benefited in comparison with another electorate, my electorate of Caulfield? Another nail in the coffin for more public open space if this goes ahead! It is considered the current application represents a ‘tipping point’ where the proposed works represent on over-emphasis of the use of the land as a racecourse. Will the mushrooming fences in the centre now be removed? This wasn’t ‘something new’ it was what ‘council has approved’.

Spoke about the Leader article and Magee and ‘what he tried to achieve’ and that was following council policy and he’s (Lipshutz) asked for the same things since ‘2005’.

The main problem with all this is that a new lease will be signed with the MRC behind closed doors and with no public input, before there is a management plan in place or any allocation to respective uses. We fear that this process will simply mirror what has already happened with Bentleigh, Carnegie & Elsternwick – albeit on a much grander scale! Our problem is with the proviso that the ‘net floor area’ originally planned remains the same! The primary use of the reserve is racing.

The second precinct stipulated 8 and we have 10. For example: Mr Patrick in his opening slides had stated that it ‘was a given’ that the fences and training would remain but later stated he would ‘consult’ with the MRC on these matters! Will we see one token soccer pitch and that’s it? (uploaded crrt), $300 million revamp for Caulfield racetrack — see the plans. But so should council if they have any integrity left! A few years ago Council produced a concept plan of how sports grounds could be established on the Crown Land in the centre of the racecourse. Does a Land Management Plan require formal council approval as any development application might? The current Elsternwick rezoning plan is entirely inconsistent and incompatible with the local area. Not one single councillor addressed the issues raised by the Planning Panel letter and why council is unable to respond to these legal issues. Nothing is stated regarding community members or council members.

These additional heights are because council refused to fight for MANDATORY provisions plus the fact that they did not stipulate the number of storeys. Even the ‘locals’ are linked to the development industry. Council officer recommendation is a ‘refusal’. It would seem that the Auditor General has different ideas about the role and function of the Trustees, who are charged with the management of the reserve. This is simply another example of a Clayton’s consultation that leads exactly where the developers want it to go! How will the trust and MRC communicate? Regardless of the legal wrangles, council now has the opportunity to carry through on all its stated commitments to social housing. The reason offered was was that the incoming trust has inherited arrangements and ongoing negotiations with previous trust. There is no ‘preferred character’ statement for housing diversity in Glen Eira as we’ve shown from countless VCAT decisions. Does it assume the current size, where fences have persisted in their relentless encroachment onto public land? If councillors on the Board of trustees for the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust do not represent the council, or the citizens of Glen Eira, who do they represent? This time – nothing! BOUQUETS & BRICKBATS – Your Stories and Issues, Public Questions & Caulfield Racecourse Trustees, http://www.afr.com/news/secret-plans-to-develop-caulfield-and-sandown-race-courses-20150911-gjkcac#ixzz3lQ9uUhtG, http://www.crrt.org.au/Notices/Upcomingmeetings.aspx, Bentleigh East Residents Against Virginia Estate Development, Carnegie -Oppose Inappropriate Development, McKinnon-Ormond Oppose Inappropriate Development. All three had formed part of the Special Committee deciding on the Caulfield Village proposal.

Ratepayers and taxpayers of Victoria are ‘paying in excess of a billion dollars’ for the grade separation but the MRC is ‘making a profit out of it’. Well done council! It is passing the buck to VCAT as has now become customary for Glen Eira. The new Trust came into effect on August 1 and will set up comprehensive online information in due course, when some funding and resources become available. The appointment of the gang of 4 (Lipshutz, Pilling, Hyams & Esakoff) instead of the entire councillor group to decide on the incorporated plan in 2011 which agreed to heights of at least 20 storeys. Why is the MRC, with its vast resources, being given literally a peppercorn rental and will this rental apply only until the removal of training or for the duration of the 65 year lease? Here’s a resident’s summary of last week’s meeting for the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve. We have absolutely no idea of: So instead of a Discussion Paper that provides some answers to the above, we get the following type of questions shown below.

Councillors have voted unanimously to abandon the Amendment seeking to achieve a social/affordable housing component  for the Caulfield Village development.

Said that there is no time set aside ‘as yet’.

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