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Brexit does inevitably raise important issues for the future of regulation.

The absence of active underlying markets raises a serious question about the sustainability of the LIBOR benchmarks that are based upon these markets. I’ll return to this theme shortly. Nor are we seeking to eliminate risk from financial services – that is risk to firms and to consumers. Mishcon de Reya LLP is an alternative business structure. But it must still remain grounded in public policy objectives and the discipline of public goods. Wholesale markets work better in systems that base their rules and principles more on experience. That sort of model, and the thinking underlying it, may be useful also for those looking to organise a transition from current LIBOR to an alternative reference rate. The effectiveness of communication with consumers was, he said, a test of culture. We work with senior executives, CEOs, founders and board members to manage their personal employment law needs. until end-2021. When I look particularly at our competition objective, and it has been fascinating for me coming to this as a somewhat old dog trying to learn a new trick, I think there is a fourth verb.

The problem with this debate from my perspective is that I simply fail to understand why we need such a rule when there is a well-established principle that firms must obtain best execution for their clients. Rules are a crucial mechanism for delivering outcomes, but can also be interpreted so rigidly as to become a box-ticking exercise. The question sometimes arises of whether having multiple objectives, and ones that strictly do not have a hierarchy, complicates the landscape in such a way that an institution like the FCA is not properly accountable and thus too powerful. Moreover, advancing the public interest does not mean that we have no interest in corporate health and profitability. Let me go back to 2017 when we published the FCA Mission statement, which continues to be the centrepiece, the glue, that holds together our approach to the large landscape of activity that the FCA covers to meet its statutory objectives. Let me move on to the second lens through which to view the future of regulation, namely a more philosophical view of the purpose of regulation, and how in an important respect it is changing. Speaker: Andrew Bailey, Chief ExecutiveEvent: The Future of Financial Conduct Regulation, Bloomberg, LondonDelivered: 23 April 2019Note: this is the speech as drafted and may differ from the delivered version. The central principle of equivalence is that both sides are free to determine unilaterally whether the other side’s approach is equivalent to theirs. There was a longer-term shift towards passive investment, but it went alongside a desire for more ethical and socially responsible investing and a desire to encourage longer term patient capital. A blog for art-lovers and adventurers, fashionistas and culture vultures, who believe in fair play, fair trade and fair travel.

Andrew John Bailey (born 30 March 1959) is a British central banker who has been Governor of the Bank of England since 16 March 2020.. We have prioritised pension transfer advice, thoroughly examining the activity of firms in this space and engaging with industry to guard against harm to consumers. We are not out of firepower by any means, and to be honest it looks from today’s vantage point that we were too cautious about our remaining firepower pre-Covid. Here are some of the other important developments from today: You can keep following our live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, politics and international affairs from around the world: In the UK, lockdown is expected to be lifted in parts of north-west England, In the US, reaction to Donald Trump’s Republican convention acceptance speech, And in our global coverage, face masks become mandatory in Paris, India records over 77,000 new cases in a day, Thank you for joining me this week for our live coverage of business, economics and markets, and please do come back next Tuesday for more from Graeme Wearden. In a post-Brexit world what will actually happen? We'd also like your consent to collect data while you use this website to help us: Select I accept if it's OK for us to use cookies. That would be a happy problem to have, Bailey says. We at the FCA have regulated LIBOR since April 2013. Demographic shifts and economic trends are remaking the social contract across the generations. That work has been aimed towards the destination of interest rate benchmarks that are based on transactions, not on judgements. The banking system has stood up well to the Covid crisis, Bailey says, when asked about financial stability. The public interest demands that we combine success with fairness and sustainability. If an active market does not exist, how can even the best run benchmark measure it?

But, if this result proves robust, it suggests that “going big and fast” with QE is particularly effective in these conditions. We’d also like to use some non-essential cookies (including third-party cookies) to help us improve the site. Firms submitting to LIBOR have, rightly, made significant investments in their controls around submissions. There are very strong public forces pushing for stronger protection in society.

Where we have seen firms violating our rules or not meeting our expectations, we have taken action. We have found a pretty wide consensus that LIBOR is so pervasive, used for so many different purposes in so many different jurisdictions, that several years would be needed. We continue to dedicate significant resource to planning around EU withdrawal. Speaker: Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive Event: LIBOR Transition Briefing, SIFMA, New York, USA Delivered: 15 July 2019 Note: this is the speech as drafted and may differ from the delivered version Highlights. Andrew Bailey has warned the economy is at risk of stalling and vowed to ramp up stimulus if needed, as he prepares to fight the damage caused by another Covid wave..

On communicating, Bailey says the Bank pivoted from focusing on QE to talking about forward guidance on interest rates more. To find out more about our cookie categories you can also manage individual consents to control which types of cookies we use. The European Benchmark Regulation requires some regulated firms using benchmarks to “produce and maintain robust written plans setting out the actions that they would take in the event that a benchmark materially changes or ceases to be provided.”  It requires that, “where feasible and appropriate, such plans shall nominate one or several alternative benchmarks that could be referenced to substitute the benchmarks no longer provided.” In the context of that requirement to have contingency plans for the scenario in which current LIBOR could no longer be produced, we have discussed with industry participants models such as calculation of a one-off set of term credit spreads, which could be added to the dynamic base of the risk free rates, such as reformed SONIA. For the other side, a duty of care would be difficult to apply to the wide variety of firm-consumer relationships in financial services, not to mention the challenge of developing a wide body of legal precedent in sufficient time. We have delivered reforms to protect vulnerable consumers in sectors like consumer credit. But it is also a basic feature of life that we have to balance multiple operational objectives which interact, as ours most certainly do. And second, what sort of equivalence arrangements should we want and expect?

And we want sustainable growth as well as the innovation and progress that benefits the consumers we’re here to serve.

Others believe that our existing set of principles and rules are sufficient and they, in effect, impose the same requirement on firms as a duty of care would. It also depends on the preparations that users of LIBOR make in either switching contracts from the current basis for LIBOR or in ensuring that their contracts have robust fallbacks in place that allow for a smooth transition if current LIBOR did cease publication. Let me give one important, current example. Yes, it demands strong transparency and accountability, but I don’t regard it as a counsel of despair. Now Bailey is asked about the upside scenario - what happens if there’s a successful vaccine and the economy surges back with inflation on the rise?

There is a growing impetus to grapple with this question now, as technology increases the speed of change in financial markets, and we continue to see examples of firms operating at the edges of the perimeter causing harm to consumers. We use technology such as cookies on our site to personalise content, provide certain functionality features, and analyse our traffic. An absence of good culture can lead to serious issues, ultimately even involving Enforcement. One alternative to a private stablecoin is a central bank digital currency. That brings me back to the key message that I have for you today. We do this to coordinate the ads you see across devices and measure conversion events. And a further lesson of the past few years is that work on transition is unlikely to begin in earnest if market participants continue to assume LIBOR will last indefinitely. By this I mean that in one space the rules have been made in order to be consistent with EU law and regulation, and in the other they are the product of domestic UK actions. It would create clarity for consumers about what they can expect and/or demand of firms, and articulate a single, overarching concept of care, which would help rebuild consumer trust. What we have asked for, however, is voluntary support from the whole panel. By clicking ‘Accept recommended settings’ on this banner, you accept our use of optional cookies. We will continue to engage broadly on this. We expect the typical cost of borrowing £100 through an unarranged overdraft to drop from £5 a day to less than 20 pence as a result of our changes. The post-Brexit system cannot and should not seek to deny or ignore them. And that means there are inevitably boundary issues to be dealt with, for instance with social policy in areas such as benefits, pension, social welfare and housing policy. Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey was scheduled to speak at the virtual Jackson Hole economics conference at 2:05pm BST. Moreover, panel banks feel understandable discomfort about providing submissions based on judgements with so little actual borrowing activity against which to validate those judgements. I have emphasised the roles of outcomes, principles and rules. Since then, significant improvements have been made. It is a reasonable argument that the complexity of public policy objectives has most probably increased, and it has demanded higher levels of transparency and accountability for institutions like the FCA. In such cases, even small differences in cash and charges could have a large effect on the total pot. The Bank of England is not out of monetary policy firepower to fight recessions by any means, Bailey says. Clearly, the issue of equivalence and the differences in approaches to regulation and legal systems is a big one, and deserves extensive debate. But, and here I’m afraid I have to do a bit of party pooping, innovation has to be consistent with our public interest objectives – there is no free pass to ignore these objectives. It has played a role in ensuring a level playing field across the EU market and facilitating supervisory cooperation between EU regulators through bodies such as ESMA.

Certainly, in my recent experience it quite profoundly changes the nature of the regulatory debate. Despite the seriousness of the issues at hand, the FCA’s powers to act in such circumstances at the time it happened are extremely limited, as we explained in our final report on GRG last month. In terms of trust, Bailey considered this a good development.

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