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Often the man with the framing square in a photo like this is the master, but the young man to the right of the well dressed man does not look like he’s the most experienced out of this lot. Day 3 was the last day of the EAIA 2103 Conference on Cape Cod. Good and detailed overview of one man's hard-won opinions on what hand tools are essential for those getting into the world of hand woodworking, which makes it a good place to start for newbies like me.

I was drawn to this interesting hand drill with a nice turned handle and unusual machined elements. I want to argue there is a glaring omission in the premise of his book - he doesn't talk about buying furniture from other artisans. And last, but not least the photo above, on canvas, though a modern reprinting of an historic photo. Historic proportions and details are still the best.

I knew there was some stuff kicking around but this layed the path from one dot to another.

Read this book before you start woodworking.
The well dressed man in the front row, third from the right  with no tools in his hand — was he the owner? This book couldn't be more in tune with where I am as I think about the craft. are available as well. This time I got 2 real nice #2s an a nice #3 for the shop. Following dinner, Myles Standish came to regale us with stories of his life and travels and answer any questions the audience had.

I truly enjoyed this book.

I tried my best to be good and save my pennies for the Nashua tool show later this month, but I did find some new toys. This year hand drills and Stanley 45s and 55s seemed to be plentiful. Since the author permitted himself to keep the book as long as it was, there was plenty of room for nuance on this topic. This is more like a little encyclopaedia of woodworking tools, and it's a handy reference to come back to if you are shopping for a tool and want to know more about it and what to be looking for. Not because it describes how to build anything particularly exciting (except for a hand built wooden tool chest that I suspect few with bother with).

I’m particularly excited about the large and complete Stanley 358 Miter Box and large Disston saw to use with it — I’ve wanted one of these boxes for a while. It’s a mixture of practical advice regarding tools and their use and maintenance, an overview of how to build a tool chest, and a philosophy toward craftsmanship and life.

Coffin/Smoothing plane. How much?

The iconic tool tote above looks like it had a long service life — hopefully it went to a new home where it will see some use.

As always I had a great time and I’m already looking forward to the September show. Below is a highlight reel from this weekend’s show and sale: An interesting tool tote/tray that holds the tools off the ground for easier access.
Having brought many an old plane back to life, it was a nice presentation. Update: this one has sold. Bill went on to demonstrate how to make a tin cup walking us through the various forming and soldering stages. Among my favorite books on the subject, and certainly a great read. ( Log Out /  Alyssa had her heart set on this nice turned pen made from kingwood and is already putting it to good use. One of the attractions to Roy’s school is its focus on only using traditional English/American hand tools — there were no whining power tools, no Dozuki saws and no plastic handles to be seen — or at least none that I saw when Roy was making his rounds. The truth is, quality woodwork isn't entirely dying - there are many talented woodworkers in the US, struggling to get by. The hand-forged hardware is the new “ Anarchist’s Tool Chest Re-forged kit ” from Horton Brasses.


For my Sloyd related projects I found a real nice transitional jack plane, 2 foot folding rule, bit brace drivers, stanley square etc.

For sale: With my extra time during the lockdown, I was able to complete this hand dovetailed sugar pine Anarchist’s Tool Chest.

So if you get this message and know of some other vendors you didn’t see, especially those who may not be on the internet, please reach out to them as I want to see this event continue to be a highlight of the tool year.

The Woodworking Fairy should deposit this book beneath the pillows of all who dream of woodworking. This is a must read book for anyone who is at all interested in woodworking.

Pair of Starrett Dividers. Given my posts about the show seem to get a lot of hits around the time of the show I am hoping some folks may read this and return to the show in April.

I grant this book may not resonate with all the way it resonated with me. Also, rather than exploring timeless forms, few people notice trends while they're a part of it. One model was joined via finger joints and the other was held together via rabbets and nails.

Folks would get there earlier and earlier on Friday. Sometimes less is more.

The latter I did kind of want….

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