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He is portrayed by Tom Noonan. Goofs Angie was a prominent member of the Nuke Cult, and Cain's lover. The UK VHS video release features a number of cuts for violence: Some theatrical releases show the chief surgeon handling Cain's cut and hollowed head to the female OCP executive, right after the shot of the test tube with the villain's brains and eyes in it. Cain is a maniacal drug lord and urban terrorist and fulfills the role of primary villain in Robocop 2. Initially rated R in Australia for theaters, but Roadshow, the local distributor, decided to cut the film down for a commercial M rating to get more people to see the film. The scene where a boy shoots Robocop in the head is cut. Angie is one of the supporting antagonists of Robocop 2. When Cain opens the car door, he finds a Chinese woman babbling incomprehensibly and shoots her. RoboCop 2 was intended to protect the people during the construction of Delta City, and rid the city of Nuke.

But she can quite dangerous indeed. In the scene, where two hookers beat up a guy, the heel hit in the eye is missing. An additional cut of 4 seconds was made to the UK video version, to remove the technique used by a car thief during one of the fake adverts.

Bits of strangulation of Lewis by the boy are cut.

Passed uncut as an 18 certificate by BBFC in October 2001. She is portrayed by Galyn Görg. Movie Morgue Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Like her lover and mentor, she is totally hooked on the nuke drug.

Oh, wow. Angie's death is less graphic.

She appears to be Puerto Rican and has black pressed perm hair. In total, the BBFC made 9 cuts amounting to 31 seconds for the UK cinema release. Crazy Credits


She loves Cain and worships the ground he walks on, and doesn't take his loss well following the drug lord's apprehension. Cyborg police officer RoboCop attempted to raid this facility, but was disassembled by the gang. She is portrayed by Galyn Görg. With Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Belinda Bauer, Dan O'Herlihy. During the fight at the abandoned warehouse, RoboCain (RoboCop 2) recognizes her and the two briefly bond, but RoboCain's mood changes suddenly, and Angie is snatched by the the face and head and viciously shaken, shattering her vertebrae and killing her. Cain shooting the thugs in the warehouse. The German theatrical and video release (FSK 18) was cut in several places, which, among the others, are: In Sweden, 84 seconds had to go for the theatrical release, the removed footage is: The killing of the gun store owner. | Angie's death is less graphic.

Despite his age, Hob is a ruthless and violent hoodlum, adept at both hand-to-hand fighting and all firearms, from pistols to 50 cal heavy weapons. The German video release of RoboCop 2 has been shortened to 83 min. Like her lover and mentor, she is totally hooked on the nuke drug. Unlike narcotics processed from agricultural sources or plant extract, Nuke was a designer drug, thus manufacture could be accomplished in near any location using widely available chemicals. 1 Biography 1.1 Death 2 Trivia 3 Navigation Hob is a very young and powerful member of the Nuke Cult.

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