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For more information, go here. Depending on how many side quests you’ve done (or your persuasion skills), Avery’s fate hangs in the balance. Tell Tektus about the tape and play it for him, then meet him in the maintenance tunnels of the Command Center. Some things to consider include: DiMA Secret Remains Intact For more help on Fallout 4 Far Harbor, read out our Optional Missions Walkthrough, Magazines Locations, and Main Story Walkthrough. So which of these many possible combinations is the right one? If you decide to launch the nuclear missile inside The Nucleus (which can be done with or without the High Confessor's permission), the entire place will be destroyed, as will any related sidequests. If you made a decision to inform either the Brotherhood of Steel or the Institute about Acadia as you played through the DLC, your scenarios will differ. There are a handful of Fallout 4 Far Harbor endings. If you can stomach it, go through with the quest, and return to DiMA to be granted a Perk that boosts your damage resistance at low health. Fallout 4 Far Harbor Endings Guide. If you have mortally offended one of the factions, you’ll find some options are closed to you. You will need to destroy either Far Harbor or the Nucleus to end the story. Similarly, if you tell Allen about DiMA's secret, you won't be able to stop the raid - but you can ask for Avery not to die. Eight. Kasumi lives. Once you have completed Cleansing the Land, you will be able to persuade Kasumi to come back or accept her decision – either way you will complete Close to Home.

This requires high persuasion skills. With The Way Life Should Be complete, you still need to solve the problem of the two warring factions in Cleansing the Land. Hello, spoilers. Visit Martin’s radiation-filled sanctuary and take the two holo tapes – one on the desk and another by the bed. Destroying Nucleus A couple of other things that dictate endings are optional missions completion and persuasion skills. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. What's the Best Ending for Fallout 4: Far Harbor?

You can persuade him to run away rather than kill him, if you’d prefer. Far Harbor: Cleansing the Land Also Watch: Best Fallout 4 Far Harbor Easter Eggs. Informing the Railroad results in an NPC making their way to Acadia, with no consequences that we noticed. Tell Far Harbor

You need to find four industrial fuses to open the security door; there’s one on a bench by the fuse box and three on shelves near the door itself. Stop by the Nucleus one more time to chat things over with Tektus Mk 2, if you like. Fallout 4 Far Harbor has three endings. When you’re finished, you should check out Far Harbor side quests or go to our Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC guide. Return to Kenji and let him know what happened to get your reward - a chest full of items. Kasumi will be killed. Quite a lot? There is not really an advantage of this. The ending will initiate if you then show Allen the proof. All Rights Reserved.

Return to DiMA and have a chat to end the story and receive a perk that boosts damage resistance at low health. Basically settles everything through dialogue without any causalities, all factions live without any trouble, and grants you with a bonus perk from DiMA. Determine Kasumi’s plans, if she is alive, and speak with Mr Nakano back on the mainland to finish things off. Note that with both places demolished, DiMA will refuse to speak to you - though the rest of Acadia won't be hostile. Acadia will not turn hostile (assuming it exists), but DiMA won’t talk to you after one angry conversation (assuming he is alive). Assuming you kept DiMA's secret, you can then begin the Reformation quest, but it will involve another dark deed - replacing the High Confessor Tektus with a synth that will promote peace. Friday, 20 May 2016 07:43 GMT.

If you decide neither faction is worth saving, you can destroy both of them - either at the same time or one after the other to maximize the aforementioned perks and rewards. The fates of both Far Harbor and The Nucleus can be decided in the Cleansing the Land quest, as you uncover both the Wind Farm Kill Switch, and the Nuclear Launch Key. The major differentiations of the ending of Far Harbor are effected by your actions during the last two quests – The Way Life Should Be and Cleansing The Land – which run concurrently and are inter-related. Basically no one dies, you get the Reformation quest, and an armor set. Our advice is to do all available side quests before you make any of these decisions.

Confront Avery, speak to Allen, and have Teddy examine the skull. If you don’t show Allen the proof, or just ignore that route altogether, you can confront DiMA about his actions and demand he turn himself in. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. You need to pass a very high persuasion check to manage this. He’ll also give you a sweet bit of armour. Bringing Far Harbor Down Speaking with DiMA, you can forgive him and cover up his crime, or try to encourage him to turn himself in (or just do it anyway) If you help him, you'll gain a unique Synth Armor - Acadia's Shield - and start the path to the ending where peace can be achieved via the Reformation quest. All factions coexist in peace. Get to know all three island factions. This page will encompass the different Far Harbor Endings that arise from completing the Far Harbor Walkthrough as part of the main story in the Far Harbor Speak to Allen afterwards and you’ll receive a perk that boosts damage at low health. This eliminates residents of Far Harbor, get you an armor and a perk from the High Confessor. You will not get anything, Acadia may or may not survive, and DiMA will not speak with you. The fate of Acadia includes the likes of DiMA, Kasumi Nakano - and potentially even Captain Avery and High Confessor Tektus. There are four possibilities here: This option wipes out the Children of Atom. Wait, make that four. Return them to DiMA, then say you’re ready and travel to the Nucleus. Depending upon persuasion and optional missions completion, you will be able to change decision about Avery. After uncovering DiMA's secret medical facility in The Way Life Should Be quest, you'll have the opportunity to confront DiMA directly or go to Allen Lee with the evidence. You'll get the Reformation Quest and replace Tektus … Found anything missing or confusing? Is There An Xbox Series X Overheating Problem? Welcome to the world of Fallout 4, the ambitious fourth game in the apocalyptic RPG saga.

With our Fallout 4 Far Harbor Endings Guide, you should be able to make all the right choices and get what you think is the best ending. Bringing Far Harbor and Nucleus Down Fallout 4: Far Harbor DLC – how to get the best ending The major differentiations of the ending of Far Harbor are effected by your actions during the last two quests – …

This site © 2020 ReedPop. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. There are potentially three main endings, with many subtle variations, all of which center around three different story quests. If you let DiMA make his case, you'll have the chance to plead for the rest of Acadia to be spared - but this will only happen if you've been helping the people of Far Harbor. Battle past an Assaultron to the Turbine 003 terminal and choose the third option to shut down the turbine.

You have agency over the following factors: If you’ve been following our Far Harbor walkthrough, you should be ready to dive right in.

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Some smaller differences depend on your persuasion skills and how many side quests you’ve done. DiMA will be killed either way, but Kasumi’s fate depends on Acadia’s. This page will encompass the different Far Harbor Endings that arise from completing the Far Harbor Walkthrough as part of the main story in the Far Harbor DLC. You will need to go on to destroy either Far Harbor or the Nucleus to end the story. Note that this sections contains spoilers to the multiple endings to the DLC. In the trial that follows at Far Harbor, the number of side quests you’ve done and your persuasion skills will determine whether the residents march on Acadia or not. There is little point to this: you don’t get a second perk, an achievement or any extra XP. Some other things include: Force DiMA to Turn Himself In That's subjective, but you can indeed broker peace between the three factions, and get some useful perks and gear in the process: Tell DiMA you know about the Avery Incident - Keep all his secrets. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, How To Install Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. We trust you to do the right thing – or at least the most epic one. Let us know in the comments section below! Release dates: every game confirmed for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch in 2020, PS5 pre-order – here’s where you can secure your PlayStation 5, Here’s where you can pre-order Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Haider is a freelance contributor, who loves video games, playing guitar, and aviation. The Children of Atom will love this, and you can speak to the High Confessor Tektus to recieve a unique Recon Marine Armor - Atom's Bulwark - as well as a Perk that increases weapon damage based on radiation. This eliminates the Children of Atom, grants you with a perk, and another reward from Allen in Far Harbor. The best ending in Far Harbor will depend on what you say to DiMA dring The Way Life Should Be. Report your actions to the High Confessor to finish the quest and be rewarded with some armor and a perk that increases weapon damage based on rads. Think about your allegiances with mainland factions. This will also ensure that all three factions will be peaceful, and you can resolve everyone's quests. With our Fallout 4 Far Harbor Endings Guide, you should be able to make all the right choices and get what you think is the best ending… If you return to the new High Confessor, you can still get Atom's Bulwark.

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