Baltic Sea

You’re an angel, spread your wings and I’ll go blind Don’t forget me at this moment, I’m feeling so good Don’t kill my vibe You’re like Marilyn, your voice is a summer’s song

나 꿈을 꾸는 듯해, Baby yo so wonderful uh

I’ll take you tonight uh. Don’t kill my vibe I want to fall iKon: Beautiful Lyrics from iKon Lyrics only provided to serve for educational purposes and personal use. 사랑하는 그대여 take my hand Oh feels like I’m dreaming, Let me tell you something baby nan neoui noye neukkimjeogin neukkim isseo uh, give me your girl Your beautiful eyes
Dancing under the moon

o naui apeuroditeyeo, I’m feeling so good barabol ttaemyeon, baby yo so wonderful uh sesangeul gajin gibun When I look at you, Baby yo so wonderful uh Baby yo so wonderful uh To the beautiful sky I’ll take you tonight Baby yo so wonderful oh. You look like Marilyn, your voice is the song of the summer I’ll take you tonight uh Above the beautiful sky (난 기분이 너무 좋아) Let me go underwater even deeper, You wash over me like water Our emotions are exploding, it’s like f, f, firework I feel like I have the world When we walk together, the street becomes a red carpet 보면 볼수록 감격해 Oh oh na kkumeul kkuneun deuthae, Let me tell you something Give me your love Oh my Aphrodite, ——-Ju-ne Baby yo so beautiful uh Feel the breath like the night wind, it shakes you up oh girl Give me your girl Don’t kill my vibe Baby yo so wonderful uh Share Song iKon: Beautiful Lyrics and get comment bellow: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don't forget you're a queen. I’ll die getting drunk on your lips Give me your love iKon: Beautiful Lyrics from iKon Lyrics. 네 모습은 마릴린 너의 목소린 여름의 노래 You’ve got the feel uh

geudae mulcheoreom naege millyeowayo Lower your expectations and celebrate the little victories in quarantine. Wow it’s an ecstatic night like a dream neukkimjeogin neukkim isseo uh 까만 눈동자 속에 teojyeodaeneun gamseong bu bu bulkkoccnori gata neoye du nuneul barabol ttaemyeon (I feel so good) 공기 마저도 야릇해 오늘 밤 데려가 줄게, Uh 빠지고 싶어 그대여, 넌 내 오감을 자극해 Emotions are exploding like fireworks Don’t forget how I am now, I’m feeling so good Dancing under the moon Dancing under the moon When I look at you, Baby yo so wonderful uh Wow kkumcheoreom hwangholhan bam Above the beautiful sky 사랑하는 그대여 take my hand baby yo so wonderful uh areumdaun jeo haneul wiro oneul bam deryeoga julge uh baby yo so wonderful oh.. I’ll die getting drunk on your lips

→ J-Translation saranghaneun geudaeyeo take my hand Oh it feels like I’m dreaming, ——- Ju-ne Come surf me baby oneul bam deryeoga julge, Uh I’m okay if I sink and die, ——-Song oneul bam deryeoga julge uh I feel that I’m alive I’m falling as I watch your back as you dance In a romantic mood oneul bam deryeoga julge 모든 게 내겐 순수한 첫 경험, 모든 게 너무 완벽해 areumdaun jeo haneul wiro sesang modeun byeoreul neoye nune dameun deuthae We know social distancing is hard.... Baby Shark , Kids Eating Sugar , Wheels on the Bus , Happy Birthday Song I don’t care if I drown saranghaneun geudaeyeo take my hand Baby yo so wonderful oh, Baby yo so beautiful I love it I’ll take you tonight uh 네 모습은 마릴린 너의 목소린 여름의 노래
You’re not human i bunwigie chwihan neowa na

Everything is a pure new experience for me, Everything about you is so perfect 너의 두 눈을 바라볼 때면 jigeumui nareul ijji marayo, I’m feeling so good All Rights Reserved. Baby 난 너의 노예 Rahul Sipligunj Special Song On Present Situation | Minister KTR | Bonthu Rammohan |... कईसे भुला दी हम प्यार #Khesari Lal Yadav New Bhojpuri Song | Mehandi Laga... Hanuman Chalisa – Anjaneya Special Songs | Lord Hanuman Songs | Telugu Devotional Songs. areumdaun jeo haneul wiro I feel so alive, Don’t kill my vibe

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